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New Furniture Promotional Products

  • Leather Leisure Swivel Chair
    2014 Global Excellent Manufacturer of Furniture selected by GMC from 2014.12.09~2014.12.14. Rattan Sofa, Garden Sofa Set, Sectional Leather Sofa Set, Leather Leisure Swivel Chair, Eames Office Chair and other Furniture products by qualified manufacturers at 2014 Global Excellent Manufacturer Evaluation are hot sale. The top 40 manufacturers can provide you the best products and service.
  • beach furniture
    Breathe your life outside the door! Here you can find all the things you need for outdoor leisure time. Good Chinese manufacturers provide the rattan outdoor furniturre, beach furniture and outdoor restaurant furniture for you. Come and be the partner of GMC.
  • pet Bed
    Create a cozy life for your dear little friends? Chance is here. GMC carefully provides you with the comfortable pet clothes, soft pet beds, durable pet feeders and warm blankets. Try for your pets!
  • desk
    Here you can find the newly designed glass furniture of all types at reasonable prices. Globalmarket recommends you with the good-quality glass table, desk and outdoor furniture at a fraction cost. Click your mouse now!
  • kid rug
    Decorate the room of your kids with the colorful and beautiful bedroom products, from bedroom furniture, to kid rug and to kid wallpaper. Let the kids live in fairy tales. GMC waits for your deal.
  • Industry gaints
    One click,take you to the best industry clusters of china.
  • Anji-made office furniture
    Anji, Known as the China Capital of Chair, the prosperous development of Anji’s furniture industry is within expectation. Enjoying a 33-year history, Anji chair industry solely creates a value of gross output of over 7.5 billion USD in 2009 and wins a 9.9% year-on-year growth in 2013.
  • furniture
    Large quantities of fancy interior decorations are here for you. Just style your beloved home with something new! Choose from the furniture, lighting and construction selected by Globalmarket, which are made in favorable quality.
  • office sofa
    Research shows that a good office environment can help improve the productivity of employee by 20%.Contractors around the world are committed to providing customers with a better office environment. Please do not wait any longer, check out these office furniture selected by GMC!
  • sofa
    Achieve the home in your dreams by just a fraction of cost! Neo-classical furniture is made to be a perfect combination of elegance from the Middle Ages and intelligence born in modern society. High-quality furniture from sofa, bed to set is here to be your cosset. Let Globalmarket to be your partner!
  • hotel desk
    Let our environmental-friendly and smart hotel supplies satisfy your God. Globalmarket carefully chooses the reliable manufacturers and recommends the superior hotel supplies of all aspects to you. Place your orders and build another legend as Hilton!
  • outdoor furniture
    Selected quality products range from garden furniture to garden ornament. These delicate ornaments and comfortable furniture are designed to decorate and upgrade one's garden, so as to make a garden a better place where one relaxes and enjoys life.
  • 2014 Hot Products
  • table
    Certified maufacturers from 116th Canton Fair are supplying furniture of high quality on GlobalMarket. Office chair and table, sofa, tent and other furniture are selling well. Suitable and best furniture is selected for sale.
  • building materials
    Here you will find varity of the products that fit into the bedroom decoration project.Such as furnitures,home textile,ornaments of simple and elegant style.GlobalMarket have a team of experienced and dedicated reviewers these guaranteed products and we will be the most sincere heart as you pick them.
  • 2014 spring canton fair
    The 115th spring canton fair was held in GuangZhou.It is an important event for business,espaecially for import and export trades.
  • star manufacturers in China
    2013 best manufacturers in Globalmarket China review.Top quality Chinese manufacturers Online. We show you good quality products in China. Import from Chinese manufacturers in low price.Welcome to 2013 Best Manufacturers in Globalmarket China showroom.
  • furniture sets
    2014 Hot china bedroom furniture sets manufacturers at 115th China Canton Fair. Top quality Outdoor Furniture Sets Sales Online. More furniture sets such as bedroom furniture sets and garden furniture sets are certificated by globalmarket.