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iPhone 5SThe iPhone 5S release date is coming soon, images have emerged of the rear casing for an apparent next-generation "iPhone 5S". It is said that Apple will offer its bestselling handset not only in black and white models, but also in gold. A new part claimed to be the rear panel for Apple's anticipated "iPhone 5S" shows an external design largely unchanged from the iPhone 5S, but a number of internal design tweaks.
Apple's latest iOS 7 beta includes a reference to a "Biometric Kit", it's the strongest evidence yet that iPhone 5S will carry a fingerprint sensor embedded into a slightly convex home button made out of sapphire, a major change to current designs.
Apple has introduced a new processor design that trumps the outgoing version in both efficiency and speed. The current A6 used in the iPhone 5 was the first chip completely designed by Apple in-house, and the forthcoming "iPhone 5S" is predicted to build on that architecture with a new A7 system-on-chip design with 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM. It is based on the ARMv8 architecture, suggesting efficiency may be increased by up to 20 percent. Because Apple controls both the operating system and hardware for the iPhone 5S, it can optimize the faster LPDDR3 RAM spec for the A7 SoC, keeping the amount of addressable memory to 1GB.

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With Apple's next-generation iPhone expected to feature a dual-LED flash, which completely independents from the lens for better illumination in photos, a newly leaked part may show the pill-shaped design where those two flash modules will reside.

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iPhone 5 has improved its audio experience. Apple Ear Pods are designed with three microphones: one on the front, one on the back, and one on the bottom. The front and back microphones work together to achieve beam forming which helps iPhone focus on sound from the desired location for clearer audio. New noise-canceling technology reduces background noise.

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It's hard to believe a phone so thin could offer so many features: a larger display, a faster chip, the latest wireless technology, an 8MP iSight camera, and more. iPhone 5 measures a mere 7.6 millimeters thin and weighs just 112 grams. That's 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S. The only way to achieve a design like this is by relentlessly considering and reconsidering every single detail--including the details you can't see. All in a beautiful aluminum body designed and made with an unprecedented level of precision.

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