New HTC Desire HD Specs, EVO Android Phones 2013 Review, 2013 HTC Smart Phones Forecast

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New HTC Android Phones 2013 ,
HTC Desire HD Specs ,
HTC Desire Review ,
HTC Smart Phones Forecast ,
New HTC EVO 2013
Posted in new HTC android phones 2013. Some sources revealed that HTC is preparing new HTC EVO 2013. HTC desire review provides latest HTC desire HD specs. HTC smart phones forecast has predicted the future of smartphones. View HTC smartphones here, get more answers!

HTC Android PhonesUpcoming HTC Android Phones 2013
HTC is a company which is almost completely focused on producing high-tier smartphones and HTC 'Desire C' is among its most popular products. The HTC Desire C is a new low-end smartphone that follows in the footsteps of the HTC Wildfire series of phones. Indeed, the Desire C's specifications are very similar to last year's Wildfire S, despite it being released a year later. It comes in either white, black, or red, and our red unit was sporting a really nice soft-touch finish and red-colored internals. The Desire C charges via micro-USB and has a 3.5mm headphone port for using regular headphones, although a set were included with our unit. Beats Audio integration is also present to help improve the sound of your music, and the microSD card slot allows users to expand the 4GB internal storage by up to another 32GB.

HTC Desire SmartphoneHTC Desire HD Specs
If you launch a smart phone in 2010 and want to compete with the best you have to at least have a 1GHz processor, 720p video recording, high resolution screen and 512MB RAM. While the Desire HD does not beat any other smart phone this year in specs, it does match the specs of the Galaxy S, Droid X, iPhone 4 and EVO 4.  There is no question that HTC makes some of the coolest phones on the market and the Desire HD looks gorgeous.  Keep in mind that none of the specs have been officially announced yet. Overall, it's safe to say that the performance of the device is a mixed bag. The power under the hood is underwhelming but its reflection on the everyday performance of the device isn't visible. If you are looking for better power under the hood, you can take a look at the Spice Stellar. If the OS isn't a big deal, you can take a look at the Nokia Lumia 908 or the Samsung Omnia W. But if you want to make a style statement with a good looking device that is an average performer, the HTC Desire C is the one for you.

HTC Desire Review
Following the Legend, HTC continues its Android 2.1 lineup with the Desire -- a gorgeous cousin of the renowned Nexus One. We can trace our drool all the way back to the Desire's leak in December, but there have been some changes since then that made it slightly less desirable -- DivX support and 720p video capture never made it to the final build, but it's not like the company laid down any official promise on them, right? Anyhow, there's still plenty to be loved here, namely the speedy 1GHz Snapdragon, the large AMOLED screen, and HTC's latest revision of Sense UI that we've already seen on the Legend. Now, there are probably two questions floating in the minds of our readers: is the Desire worth the extra moola over the Legend? And is it any better than the Nexus One? Let's all find out together.

HTC Desire Review

New HTC EVO 2013
The 4G network is about to become fully fledged, and it's bringing America’s first 4G phone, the HTC EVO 4G with it. This fourth-generation network has spread to only a few dozen cities in the U.S, and until it expands, the EVO is just another Android out on the market. However, it isn’t just a phone to be set aside and ignored. This HTC phone has many advanced features, such as the 8MP (mega-pixel) camera, ability to connect to an HDTV and the latest version of the HTC Sense User Interface making it a strong player on the Android team. For a side-by-side comparison and objective reviews visit the smartphone review page. The award-winning user interface, HTC Sense, is also found on the EVO. The HTC Sense includes a “leap” thumbnail to switch between home and other screen panels, which improves multi-tasking, and also Friend Stream, which takes the contacts from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and brings you updates in one place. This user interface also includes interactive widgets and a polite ringer. The EVO 4G is similar to all other Droids with features such as GPS Navigation, Bluetooth technology, digital compass, proximity and motion sensors and a loud speakerphone. It also has a pinch-to-zoom feature and automatic text reflowing which provides easy web page views.


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