Nokia Lumia 908 Release Rumor, Windows Phone 8 OS

2012-06-15 14:55:33.0 By: GMC

Nokia Lumia 908

Windows 8 OS

After the release of Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 900, we are so glad to see another concept Nokia mobile phone, Nokia Lumia 908, coming out. According to the Nokia Lumia 908 release rumor, this new phone will be equipped with the updated Windows Phone 8 OS (Operating System), we are yet to know the design in details for the time being. According to the design chart unveiled, we can still get some information about Windows Phone 8 0S.

According to the latest Nokia Lumia 908 Review, In terms of its design, Nokia Lumia 800 still adopts a traditional style from Lumia 800 and 900. For example, we can see the start menu has made a difference. Additionally, users are able to choose the size and color of the dynamic ceramic tiles. Meanwhile, more application icons could be shown in one page.

Nokia Lumia 908

In addition, the Screenschot is simplified in this smart phone with "Apollo", and while pressing the buttons for camera and volume.

But Weir also admits that it is his design for a revolutionary mobile phone. He hoped that Nokia and Microsoft would take into account the criticism of the user. The new system should support high-resolution displays, multi-core processors as well as NFC and the often criticized by the WP7 defects should be removed, says the designer.

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