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Summer Splash Pad Tips

One of the many reasons to live in modern city is the parks and trails available to use throughout the City. Many residents enjoy being able to reserve a park.

What is Splash Pad? A splash pad is a kind of park facilities which is also a great place to cool off in the summer. Instead of a pool, it's more like running through the sprinklers. No need for floateees or lifejackets! A splash pad is an area for water play that has no standing water. This is said to eliminate the need for lifeguards or other supervision, as there is practically no risk of drowning. Splash pads have been around in the commercial industry for decades.

Main Splash Pad Rules

The Splash Pad is unsupervised

All children must have adult supervision at all times

children under the age of 7 should be accompanied by an adult

All participants must conduct themselves in a courteous, safe and family oriented manner

Food and glass containers are not permitted on Splash Pad

Climbing on Splash Pad features is strictly prohibited

No pets allowed on Splash Pad

Infants must wear swim diapers

Roughhousing or violent play is prohibited

Be mindful of inclement weather. Remember, "Lightning Kills!"

Pad shall be vacated at first sound of thunder

Please report any vandalism - $100 reward if violator is convicted

Splash pad may be closed at any time due to weather, maintenance or other operational concerns

The cost of a splash pad is a mere fraction of the cost of a pool, and makes a great pool enhancement or alternative. Besides low installation costs, splash pad systems have low maintenance, do not require additional insurance, pool fences, or alarms, and will save you money on utility bills with a water recirculation system. A properly installed splash pad system will also increase your home’s property value. These are just a few of the benefits to consider before buying a Splash Zone splash pad.

What is a Splash Pad?

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