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Absolutely Stunning! If you love roomy handbags this Coach Signature Sateen Satchel is the perfect choice. Gorgeous Mahogany leather trim, detachable shoulder strap and a roomy interior to keep all your essentials secure. Light weight and comfortable to carry. This one will soon be your favorite on the go companion. Oh, the temptation! That 2013 Coach bag you've been lusting over is for sale on Craigslist or eBay or at a flea market for half price, but is there a reason for that? Knockoffs abound, especially on the Internet, but it's easy to guard against buying a fake.
New Arrival coach bags on sale outlet online for upcoming spring season 2013 collection. Fashion designer Coach bags wholesale China for global buyers. Coach bags cheap prices for sale. New promotion coach bags spring 2013 is upcoming.

Coach Bags Wholesale ChinaHere are some instructions:

1.Check for the classic Coach "C"s. Fakes will often have "G"s to avoid being prosecuted if marketers are found selling them.

2.The "C"s on the bag should appear in pairs. Side-by-side pairs also face each other.

3.Make sure the "C"s aren't cut off in the middle of the bag. The only "C"s that won't appear as complete letters will be those on the sides.

4.Next, check for a dust bag. Resellers may not always sell a purse with a dust bag, but if they do, it should always be tan or brown with red stitching, with the Coach logo stamped on it.

5.The hardware should be heavy and not plated. It should not be able to be bent using your fingers.

6.Most clasps should be imprinted with the "Coach" name. Check the specific line before writing off a fake at this step, as some types of Coach bags are no longer stamped.

7.The inside should feature a square leather panel with the Coach creed on it. The lettering is pressed into the leather, and the panel is stitched, not glued. Also, check the spelling here. Many fakes feature misspelled words or improper grammar.

8.No parts of the bag are glued. Any patchwork or embellishments are stitched on, never glued.

Coach Bags On Sale
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9.The "Coach" tag should be secured to the bag using a looped chain. It should be made of two stitched-together pieces of leather and not plastic or vinyl. The letters in "Coach" should be raised.

10.Check the stitching. Coach does not use cheap thread, but many sellers do. Make sure there are no gaps in the stitching, no threads pulling and no flaws.

11.Make sure the material on the strap is either leather or fabric, not plastic. If any part of it is peeling, it's a sure sign that it's molded plastic.

12.Check out the styles of Coach purses on its website. If the purse doesn't match one of these styles exactly, it's probably a fake. Coach only makes so many types at a time and typically doesn't make a purse in a color without listing it on the website. Also, the website will give you an idea of how different bag lines really look.

13.Check out a seller's location. If the seller is shipping from overseas, has a poor feedback rating or is selling purses in large quantities, there is a very good chance the purse you're looking at is a knockoff.

14.Most of all, trust your gut. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Coach Bags Spring 2013

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