Industry gaints , take you to the best industry clusters of china

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Industry gaints ,
Industry clusters of china ,
Industry cluster
  • The Largest Appliances Base of China
  • Shunde industrial cluster
  • It accounted for 15% of the country's total capacity over the years
  • The manufacturing champion of air condition, refrigerator, water heater
    he country's total capacity over the years
  • The largest supplier of electric cooker、microwave oven in the world
  • The Paradise Of Electronic Industry
  • Shenzhen industrial cluster
  • Famous for “HuaQiangBei”-- “The First Street of China Electronics”
  • Titled as the global base of electronics with annual output of 191.4 billion USD
  • The host city of 2014 IEEE Global High Tech Congress on Electronics
  • The Pioneer of Solar Industry
  • Haining industrial cluster
  • One of Top3 solar industry base in China with a 20-year history
  • The most famous solar industrial cluster with annual export of
    over 60 million dollars
  • More than 650 manufacturers with annual output of over 6 billion RMB
  • The Capital of Lighting
  • Guzhen industrial cluster
  • There are 492 Export Manufacturers in Anji
  • Focus on the office chair for 33 years
  • Office chair’s export volume keeping No.1 over the years
  • The Gaint of Building Ceramic & Sanitary
  • Foshan industrial cluster
  • The ceramic manufactrures have more than 50% of Chinese well-known trademark
  • Establishing the 1st professional ceramic industry headquarters of China
  • The key distributing center of stainless steel products
  • Trade & Business Capital Of Furniture
  • Lecong Town industrial cluster
  • The publicly Top1 furniture distributing centre in Southeast Asia
  • Enjoying obvious cost advantages with its complete supply chain system
  • There are more than 20,000 of furniture styles in Lecong
  • The Capital of Knives and Scissors
  • Yangjiang industrial cluster
  • There are over 1,500 hardware,knives & scissors manufacturersin the city
  • The value of gross output reaching more than RMB 30 billion
  • The annual value of production and value of exports accounting for 70% and 85% respectively
  • The Iconic Landmark of Bag Industry
  • Quanzhou industrial cluster
  • One of the Top3 bag industrial clusters
  • The export colume of bags covers 93% of Fujing Province
  • The host city of the International Bag Industry Expo
  • The Star of Auto Part Industry
  • Rui'an industrial cluster
  • The yearly value of export is around 55 million RMB
  • There are 43 enterprises with annual capacity of over 100 million RMB
  • Producing more thann 3000 caneties of auto parts for the industry

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