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We've already given you the inside scoop on what went down at this year's annual sparklefest Victoria's Secret 2013 Fashion Show, but the extravaganza officially airs tonight - and we've got your livestream right here. Tune in at 10 p.m. EST to catch Karlie's new 'do in action, watch Bieber make the moves on some models, and hope that, indeed, the ill-conceived Native American-inspired runway look doesn't make the final cut.

Victoria Secret 2012

People who don't shop at Victoria's Secret 2012, the company itself, and people who ramble about how evil the pink Victoria Secret store is, all have one thing in common buy Victoria Secret wholesale. They don't understand Victoria Secret bra sale and customers. You can also find the pink Victoria Secret backpacks in this review. It's like Star Wars fans who hate Star Wars-only I don't have any little hearts left to send to the shareholders at The Limited, or to George Lucas.

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Pink Victoria SecretIt's more about what you don't wear Victoria Secret 2012. Don't wear a push-up bra, buying Victoria Secret wholesale or a pink Victoria Secret bra with heavy padding or a sports bra (or any other kind of minimizing bra). If the girl who is fitting you knows what she is doing, she will ask you what bra you are wearing beforehand. These bras could result in an inaccurate fitting. If you are wearing one of the wrong kinds to be fitting in they will give you another one change into. Either way, they fit you right over your shirt. They will measure you band size (right under your bust) and then your bust size. Sometimes a girl will doubt check the band by measuring above your bust, too.

The bras are pretty good qualify. The key is taking care of them correctly. Do NOT just push them in the washing machine. They are meant to be hand washed but you can get away with putting them in a lingerie bag and washing them in your machine on the hand wash or delicate setting. The sizes match other places for the most part though many people have told me they find VS bras run small.

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