Yangjiang—China's Capital City of Knives & Scissors

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China's Capital City of Knives and Scissors

Yangjiang, a southern city of China leading in forging industry, has been well-known of casting coins and forging swords since the ancient times, and the technology of forging hard steel was used there long before that in Europe and India.


Outstanding Achievements

Up to now, Yangjiang has been the most famous Knives and Scissors Manufacturing Base in China. At present, there are over 1,500 manufacturers of hardware, knives & scissors in the city, with the value of gross output reaching more than RMB 30 billion, annual value of production and value of exports accounting for 70% and 85% respectively.


Diligent Yangjiang People

The people in Yangjiang think highly of blood linkage and culture. The steel knife has been the symbol of Yangjiang, which reflects the perseverance and courage of the locals, while the elegance of ceramic knives embodies their tenderness.



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Know More:

Yangjiang is also an excellent tourist city facing the South China Sea. Zhapo Dajiao Bay located in Hailing Island is a National 4A Grade Resort and it was evaluated as one of "Top 10 Beautiful Islands in China" by China National Geographic Magazine. Yangjiang's application for "The Hometown of Hot spring" was approved in 2008 and Hailing Island was evaluated as "China's Most Special Tourist Destination" in World Tourism Summit 2008.

Therefore, you'd better make an itinerary in advance before your visit, since you would have plenty of time to enjoy this journey if you visit the fair.

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