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Relax your feet with our 2013 best footstools for sale eBay. Wholesale cheap footstools frames with storage sell online. Find a comfortable footstool manufacturer China to elevate your foot. A footstool is a piece of furniture or a support used to elevate the foot. There are two main types of footstools, which can be loosely categorized into those designed for comfort and those designed for function. This type of footstool is used to provide comfort to a person seated, for example, in a chair or sofa.

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It is typically a short, wide, four-legged stool with a padded top, upholstered in a fabric or animal hide, such as leather. This type of footstool is also a type of ottoman. It allows the seated person to rest their feet upon it, supporting their legs at a mostly horizontal level, thus giving rise to use of the term footrest, for this item.

Wholesale Footstool FramesFor the young biodynamic agriculture aficionado, fitting furniture can be hard to find in a modern world overrun by steel and glass. The footstool will make a great addition to your conservatory or garden room. The brown wicker chair and stool are sturdy and robust but extra comfortable too. Sink into this chair and put your feet up to relax in style. Brown wicker adds a modern feel but still remains chic and elegant. The set comes with cream seating pads to complement the look of any room and is part of the Albany range of conservatory furniture.Cheap Footstool With Storage

A footstool, also referred to as a footrest, is a common piece of furniture designed to provide comfort to the legs of a person in a sitting posture. The legs are usually placed on a footstool in a position such that they could be stretched out in comfort. Footstools could be chairs, sofas or stools with or without padded upholstery. A typical footstool is a low, wide seat with four legs and without a backrest. Footstools are often sold along with main sofa sets by furniture dealers and manufacturers. They are usually made of wood, iron and other metals which make them durable and elegant in appearance. The padded upholstery on the footstool comes in a wide array of fabric like leather, wool, etc. An Ottoman is a type of footstool that is heavily padded.

Footstools For Sale eBayDifferent types of finishes like polishes and paints are applied on these furniture pieces to enhance their appeal. Several manufacturers offer a wide variety of footstools in contemporary, traditional and oriental styles. A Piano footstool is often used along with a piano bench to provide comfort to the pianist. Arm chair footstools are also available in the market, and they are popular with elderly people. You could purchase leather footstools online and from several furniture shops across the UK. Different kinds of footstool covers ensure that the footstools remain dust-free and are maintained well.

Featured Products

  • IDO Functional Footstool Folding Storage Ottoman
    Product Name: IDO Functional Footstool Folding Storage Ottoman
    Model: JM006
    Brief Description: Product Name:Functional footstool Description:Footstool with storage function SIZE:760*760*400mm

  • Antique wooden footstool
    Product Name: Antique wooden footstool
    Model: M20100
    Brief Description: Antique wooden footstool*Made of wood*Home furniture*Antique finish

  • Living Room Furniture L Shape Leather Corner Sofa with footstool
    Product Name: Living Room Furniture L Shape Leather Corner Sofa with footstool
    Model: SF20161211
    Brief Description: Model number : SF20161211 Brown L Shape Leather Corner Sofa SetSize Details : L shape corner sofa 264*163*86CM footstool :75*75*45cm

  • Leather Footstool/Ottoman
    Product Name: Leather Footstool/Ottoman
    Model: DFS212
    Brief Description: It can be worked as footstool or ottoman; Optional leather or fabric upholstery; Solid wood legs;

  • Baotian furniture relaxing chair with footstool
    Product Name: Baotian furniture relaxing chair with footstool
    Model: 0703
    Brief Description: 1.Upholstery in top quality leather.2.Color can be choice.3.The footstool can match the chair perfectly.

  • Paddock footstool
    Product Name: Paddock footstool
    Model: HSC718
    Brief Description: This set is new to our collection with a lovely design. footstool with cushion .

  • Easy Sofa Chair, Leisure Chair with Footstool
    Product Name: Easy Sofa Chair, Leisure Chair with Footstool
    Model: SC-2937PC
    Brief Description: Easy chair front upholster white PU04,back with walnut veneer natural color CF49,chrome base. K/D.Size:84.5/84.5/99.5(42)

  • Unique Rattan Chair with Wheel and Footstool, Outdoor Arm Chair
    Product Name: Unique Rattan Chair with Wheel and Footstool, Outdoor Arm Chair
    Model: UNT-R1072-C
    Brief Description: Outdoor Arm Chair, 1)Aluminum frame with powder coated, UV resistant PE rattan, 2)Attractive design, commercial quality and long lasting

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