Anji Industrial Cluster is the King of Office Chair

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Anji-made office furniture ,
Anji chair industry ,
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Green Paradise

Anji County, located in the northwestern Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China, is well known for its bamboo and picturesque landscape. It has been designated a pilot county for sustainable development by developing ecology-friendly agriculture, industry and tourism.

Predominant Achievements

Up to the end of 2013, the revenue of furniture manufacturing soars to 0.19 billion USD. The momentum of its development continues to fig up the public. In February in 2014, furniture manufacturing achieves 22.37 million USD monthly, amounts to 12.3% by growth. In August, the statistics updates to be 43.41 million USD. And in the end of September, the accumulation of nine months¡¯ revenue reaches 0.37 billion USD. Exporting contributes an encouraging proportion of these accomplishments. Up to May in 2014, its value of gross output has reached over 9.5 billion USD. Furniture from Anji is being exported to various parts worldwide satisfying different demands, with its pollution free materials and innovation designing minds.

There are more shining points in Anji¡¯s furniture industry. Known as the China Capital of Chair, the prosperous development of Anji¡¯s furniture industry is within expectation. Enjoying a 33-year history, Anji chair industry solely creates a value of gross output of over 7.5 billion USD in 2009 and wins a 9.9% year-on-year growth in 2013.

Office furniture absorbs increasing investments as well as compliments. The most distinctive characteristic of Anji-made office furniture lies in its ecological-friendly design concept and careful consideration for humanization. That¡¯s what life gives to Anji people, who live in harmony with nature.


Mesh is popular material for office chair, satisfyingly supporting its sitter. How to merge ergonomics into the making of office chairs is the key to comfort. The following four office chairs are the very epitome of the combination.

2014 New ergonomics adjustable multifunctional mesh office chair

Humanization is best embodied by this adjustable mesh office chair. It is ergonomically well-designed to offer pure comfort. Mesh, being its main material, provides impeccable elasticity that helps take one¡¯s mind off work pressure.

2015 New Design Office Chair -Top seller mesh chair

This mesh chair is the very symbol of new modern design. Mesh is used as the back material.Comfort,good air permeability would perfectly meet one¡¯s demand for relaxation.


PU leather with modern design creates a luxurious style for office chair. A pronounced headrest is perfect for head support and lumbar support for back relief

Fashion high quality computer chair/modern office chair for office use

This office chair is a proper combination of fashion and ergonomics. Its back and arms are made up of high quality Nylon and PP in Bifma quality. Its high-density foam, at the same time, is fireproof.


Know More

Initially built in 200AD, Anji is labeled as an ecological-friendly tourism county, embracing visitors with its numerous historical scenic spots, fresh mountain air and beautiful natural scenery.

While developing ecological tourism, the local people naturally gravitate towards ecology-friendly agriculture and industry. By taking advantage of their favorable environment and climate, they are able to develop pollution-free green products, such as bamboo shoots, white tea, alpine vegetables, and flowers.  

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