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If you are considering buying an 2013 apple new iPad 4 online, you should take a glance at this Apple New iPad 4 rumors about the new iPad 4 release date & UK price, according to the news, new iPad 4 rumors release date is coming in 2013 spring, and here you will find the latest news about new iPad UK price. Apple fans earnestly long for whole new mind iPad. Here are various new iPad 3 specs. To find out more specific information from here.

New iPad 4 2013The new iPad appearance design is always the focus of the chase, in fact, from last year, new product all kinds of gossip, phantom drawing and DieZhao will never had been broken. San Francisco FangCaoDe art center of the conference, when we met for the first time with the new iPad, all of the conjecture is then disillusioned because new basic appearance has not changed.

Only last year there are more than 100 kinds of tablet PC into the competitive market, everyone in the guess whoApple New iPad 4 can launch a than iPad 2 better product? Have ultrafast A5 chip, the 9.7 -inch cool display effect, all-weather battery life and elegant light design. Experienced countless guess, DieZhao later, "The new iPad" finally formal and we meet again. As apple's third generation tablet PC, its many aspects that ushered in the upgrade. In addition, more important significance is proved by Tim cook over the apple company will continue the innovative spirit of survival? In other words, "steak" (new iPad) allure have how old?

Netizen comments:

1. Hd resolution and high brightness and contrast the stand or fall of a screen see brightness is white or gray LCD screen Samsung 1000 yuan screen and apple screen contrast is not a bit the apple screen clear bright white Samsung gray gray Samsung also have good screen but apple don't travel screen.
2. Dual-core CPU now general dual-core CPU is 1.0 G 1.5 G or a card with it a card but apple did compatible without delay that any a flat all ratio not.
3. ISO application comparator complex installation effect is very bad two games and application feel apple as the PS3 and two like Sega machine.
4. Battery calorific value actually ipad3 even if charging the play the game better than the beauty of the heat T860 cool much can be used for a while is a hot plate you might as well try I bought several plate to yourself to others I only recommend iPad 3 because other in he appears after the can't more than.
5. Battery can use ten hours a lot of plate can boast about 6 hours and hours actually 2 hours is dead but ipad3 can really insist on more than eight hours.
6. The price is very cheap SONY flat wants 2800 yuan but all ability than iPad 3 sent many say SONY and ipad3 ratio equal to the PS3 than PS1.
The new iPad design fashion, the performance is better than ancestors had the very big breakthrough, deeply user attention. 3 g version in the network choice more agile, also built-in GPS chip, practical, very strong. This week Gang Ban 32 GB 3 g version of the new iPad in the market price for 4450 yuan, the price is good.

Apple New iPad 4 Release Date

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