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By American standards, the 2013 Volkswagen Golf–based Audi A3 is a little car. Not so in Europe, however, where the A3 is a legitimate family hauler. In other words, there is plenty of room in Audi’s European product portfolio for a car with tidier dimensions. Enter the A1, Audi’s third attempt at the true small-car segment.

Audi A1 USA

The Audi A1 USA is based on the VW Polo platform, a model that, ironically, emerged in 1975 as the cheapo version of the short-lived Audi 50. Audi’s second attempt, the all-aluminum A2, failed mostly because it was underpowered and overpriced at its launch in 1999. Today, the Luc Donckerwolke–styled A2 is gaining cult status, albeit a bit too late. End of history lesson.

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Naming a car is a perilous task. Occasionally, manufacturers hit the nail on the head (the VW Beetle springs to mind), but sometimes the name turns out to be an optimistic flop. Cars like the Suzuki Swift, Chevy Celebrity, and Dodge Dynasty - the latter was canned after just one generation - are all names that made unkeepable promises. Audi A1 Sportback TFSI Rear Three Quarters By the same token, there's nothing particularly sporty about the A1 Sportback, the new five-door version of Audi's smallest model. If anything, it's marginally less sporty than the three-door A1, which weighs about 50 pounds less, but Audi's naming structure dictates that all five-door hatchback models must bear the Sportback badge. At least it's consistent.

Audi A1 Release Date

Audi has just introduced a really limited edition of the A1 named the 2013 Audi A1 quattro. The A1 quattro is going to be limited to only 333 units all specific for the European sector. Power for the Audi A1 quattro is produced by a 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder direct-injected gasoline engine generating 256-hp at 6,000 rpm using a maximum torque of 258 lb-ft among 2,500 and 4,500 rpm. This car has a six-speed manual transmission, zero to sixty two mph arrives in just 5.7 seconds getting a top speed of 152 mph. Audi stated that everything of the four-cylinder engine has been enhanced for top performance and reduced fuel usage. Fuel-economy really shines at 27.67 miles per gallon.

 Audi A1 Rumours

Externally, the options list for the A1 Sportback extends beyond the three-door version  by offering customers the possibility to choose one of three contrasting colours not only for the roof line as in the three-door, but also for the entire roof itself as well as, in S line models, the spoiler that extends from it. The Sportback will also expand on the eleven paint colours available for the three door with a twelfth – Samoa Orange – that will be available exclusively for the new five-door.

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