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China Auto&Motorbike Parts Capital ,
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Rui'an, A Burgeoning and Vigorous County

Located on the eastern coast of China, Rui'an is a county-level city of Wenzhou, in Zhejiang Province. Honored to be one of the first counties and cities opening to the outside world in 1988, Rui'an experienced exponential boom of economy by the development of six mainstays—auto parts, machinery&electronics, shoes industry, fine chemical industry and textile&apparel.


China Auto&Motorbike Parts Capital

The most renowned name card for Rui'an is engraved with its auto&motorbike parts. Ranked the "China Auto&Motorbike Parts Capital"  since 2003, Rui'an has strived to establish over 1400 enterprises specializing in auto&motorbike parts industry producing more than 3000 series of related products each year. The reliable products manufactured by around 100 enterprises are directly absorbed by 60 car makers nationwide. Among the 120 professional auto parts making enterprises who have already taken a favorable share in the international market, 13 of them gained the "Zhejiang Province Well-known Trademark" while 9 kinds of products they made are titled with the "Zhengjiang Province Famous Brand Products".

In the first half year of 2014, the auto&motorbike parts industry has undergone stable and fast development, soaring to peak at a total output value of 0.77 billion USD, accompanied with a year-on-year growth of 14.6%.

The graph below recorded the gross export value of auto&motorbike parts industry in Wenzhou of the first 9 months in 2014, in which Rui'an contributed to a dominant share.


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Know More

Rui'an has been a rich and prosperous city since ancient times. Rui'an, also known as Meitou, has a history which goes back to about 2000 BC, when it became known for its machine production. The historic city began its trade and commerce in ancient times and saw busy streets and flourishing businesses. Base on the abundant experiences as a commercial center, Rui'an has now grown to be an urban area flourished with comprehensive development of industry, trade, science and technology.

The flower-drum, a traditional Chinese opera, is what cannot be missed when visiting Rui'an. The artworks such as the woodcarving, cross-stitch, round fan, and lacquer painting are all being hungrily searched for in the global market as characteristic souvenirs.

The breathtaking natural landscapes as well as the over 600 historic relics will leave you an unforgettable memory of visiting this marvelous county.

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