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Car Parts ChinaFind great deals for car door lock parts from car door lock source. Shop with confidence.  Go to My Vehicles. Need a compatible Door Lock for your car? Then get it at auto spare parts fair china. china auto parts wholesale suppliers show you more quality car door lock parts. Order now!

Forwarded email urges vehicle owners to lock doors manually instead of using a remote key, otherwise thieves might be able to clone the security code (a technique known as 'code grabbing') and gain entry to the vehicle.

Door Locks for CarParts of a Car Door
No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you will be constantly using mechanisms on the car door. These components can be manual or motorized, and they are used for a certain functions. For example, you can roll a manually operated window down with a hand crank or you can press a motorized button and the window will come down by itself. For safety reasons, every car owner should be familiar with the parts of a car door. The door lock cylinder can be found on the outside of the car door. It is a small metal component that allows you to unlock your car door with keys. The small mechanism is inserted into the car door and it is usually covered in with a round alloy metal, for added protection. There are a few types of cars that have a key pad for a door lock. A sequence of specific numbers has to be entered to unlock the car. But most vehicles have a door lock cylinder.

Door Locks for CarSpecifications

Car Door Lock


OEM No.: 81230-3D010

Our company is a manufacturer which specialized in producing lock set, ignition switch, heater valve,tensioner and door lock. We have the most advanced testing and producing machinery to test and guarantee the products' quality.

Door Handle
The door handles are on the inside and outside of the car door. They are either plastic or metal grips used to gain entry into the vehicle or to leave the vehicle. The door handle has a long metal rod that extends to the door latch. It disengages the door latch when the handle is pulled. All of this happens inside of the car door. If you need a new door lock actuator, then be sure to check out the Car Parts Wholesale catalog. Our site offers high-quality and direct-fit door lock actuators from the best brands in the industry. Some of these actuators even come with all the mounting hardware you need for easy product installation! All of the products featured in our site are sold at budget-friendly prices. So get an affordable and dependable actuator from our site now!

Car Door Locks

Car Door Lock

External Door Handle LH MAN TGA Parts 81626416081

Car Door Lock

Car Door Lock Parts

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