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V Moda Headphone CaseThe look of 2013 cool V Moda Headphone gear may be a little Versace for some mild-mannered audiophiles, but make no mistake: Val Kolton knows a thing or two about good sound and beneath the flashy exteriors of his gears you'll find thoughtful engineering, well-conceived ergonomics, and impressive sound quality. There's nothing quite like the VAMP out there right now - it's the only high-performance portable we've seen that integrates so seamlessly with the iPhone and so transparently preserves your Apple device's other functionality.

Want a 2013 V Moda headphone case or a v Moda iPhone case? Read this v moda headphones review, you will find the cheap v moda headphones, and the v-moda discount.

 V Moda Iphone CaseV Moda Headphones Review|V-Moda's Crossfade M-100 headphones represent a rare experiment that suggests some of the listeners themselves are the best designers. We're about to learn whether practice matches theory now that the over-ears are shipping. Those who spend $310, slightly more than the originally promised $300, should get a black or white body, an in-line microphone remote and a set of removable shields to tailor the look. V-Moda justifies the price mostly through a more refined sound than the M-80 as well as a folding, dual-input design that's built for traveling and sharing.

Is the music from your iPhone sounding a little lifeless? The V Moda headphone case Vamp could bring your audio back from the dead with a built-in headphone amplifier and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that bypasses the audio circuitry on the iPhone. Designed for Apple's iPhone 4 and 4S, the Vamp is also a very solid-looking case that's made from "aircraft-grade metal". Inside, there's a high quality DAC and two 150mW amps (at 32 ohms) to drive headphones of various sizes.

V-Moda DiscountIf you use your iPhone to enjoy in your favorite music, you might want to get the best possible sound quality from it, and today we have a V Moda Iphone case that might help you with that. V-Moda’s multifunctional VAMP combines 150mW x 2 Hi-FI amplifier, DAC (Digital-to-Analog convertor), optical audio output and 2200mAh battery into a single iPhone 4/4S case, and if you want to turn your iPhone into high fidelity audio device you just have to attach this device on its back.

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