Guangzhou Fashion Wholesale Market, Baima Clothing Wholesale

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Guangzhou Fashion Wholesale Market ,
Baima Clothing Wholesale

Do you want to take a look at Guangzhou Fashion Wholesale Market? When you come to Guangzhou, and want to look for some resources in Guangzhou wholesale market, the first most important landmark you should know is Guangzhou Railway Station.

There are 3 main areas around the Guangzhou Railway Station, all not far from each other: Guangzhou fashion wholesale market, Guangzhou handbags wholesale market and Guangzhou shoes wholesale market.

We would like to intro the Guangzhou fashion wholesale market first, and especially ?The Top Clothes Underground Wholesale Centre of Asia?. It?s located at the opposite end of Guangzhou Railway Station; there are more than 20 entrances to the underground wholesale market. Most of the stores are the factory stores from those fashion companies. It leads the fashion wholesale trends in business, so it should be a place worth your visit.

Tee Mall Grandview Mall  Guangzhou Tai Koo Hui Shopping Mall

Guangzhou is regarded as the "Shopping Paradise". Professional clothing markets includes:

    Gao Da Jie Dress Street

    Xihu Shizhuang Guangchang

    Jiangnan Wedding Dress street

    Guyi Lu Clothes Wholesale Street

    Shi San Hang Clothing Wholesale Street

    Lianquan Clothing Wholesale Street

    Wanjia Clothing Wholesale Market

    Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market

    Hongmian Bubu Gao Fashion Clothes Plaza

    Tianma Clothing Wholesale Market

    Baima Shangmao Dasha

    Guangzhou Clothing Exhibition Center

    Jinma Leather Fashion Dress Center

    Yaxiya Top Grade Dress and Leather Products

    Xindadi Clothing Wholesale Market

    Kangle Fashion Dress Plaza

    Jinxiang Knitting Clothes Wholesale Center

    Xinguidu Business City

    Fuli Dasha Foreign Trading Clothes

    Guangzhou Zongxiong Business Building

    Zhongda Ruikang Cloth City

    Guangfu Nanlu Clothing Accessories Street

    Guangzhou Fashion Clothing Wholesale - China Online Shopping

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