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SEAMLESS STEEL TUBES- 8FT PUP JOINTS 2-3/8 4.70# EUE N80TUBING 13CR-L80 TUBING 2-3/8" 4.6PPF EUE PIN X BOX R2 Sour service grade T-95 integral joint tubing 1.66" 3.24 LB/FT L-80 Prestressing Force Tool Anchorages deflection-proof and abrasion-proof joint pipe/Couping,110S Coupling SL-APEX COUPLING 2 7/8 NU 10RD Tubing 13Chrome 80KSI TUBING 1” (1.315) J55 Integral Joint IJ 1.72 LBS/FT Tubing 1.315inch weight 1.7ppf NUE 10rd C/W Coupler N80 Grade API 5CT Pup Joint 13%Cr composition grades L-80 2-7/8”Tubing 30Ft 6.5ppf EUE 4 1/2"OD 11.6PPF SEAMLESS CASING PIPE API 5 CT N80 GRADE BGT2 Tubing 3-1/2" 9.3LB/FT API 5CT RANGE 2 Coupling BGT2 thread Tubing pup joint nipple-nipple 2-7/8″ EU X 2-7/8″ EU L80 TUBING 3.5" SMLS 10.2 PPF L-80 TUBING TPEX PSL3 R2 511 HYDRIL Crossover Pin X Box Premium Pup joint Tubing Landing Joint 2 7/8" 6.5# EUE Pin To Box 20Ft Long L80 Tubing 1.315” 2.25lb/ft L80 upset tool joints CS Hydril type PUP JOINT 3-1/2” 9.2/9.3# P110 HYDRILLS 10FT (3.152M) BOX x PIN Joint Pup Tubing Carbon Steel L80 Seamless 5CT EUE 8RD BOX 2-3/8INCH PSL2/PSL3 Coupling/Tubing Coupling1%Cr/3%Cr/9%Cr/13%Cr T95 Tubing 3-1/2" 9.3PPF VAM TOP C/W Coupling API5CT hydraulic diaphragm accumulators (HYDAC、BOSCH、Substitute products mebrane accumulator PSL1 Production Tubing 2-3/8" 5.95PPF L80 Grade 4FT Pup Joint oilwell TUBING 4-1/2 in 13,50 LB/FT Vam Top COUPLED PREMIUM P-110 Steel Coupling API 5CT P110 9-5/8" TMK-PF Connection Pup Joint 2-3/8" 5.95ppf EUE 8rd N80 Grade API 5CT LG 4FT(1219.2mm) Casing Coupling 11-3/4" BC K55 API Spec 5CT 13CR 80KSI Casing Pup Joint 5.5" 17LB/FT 6FT Length BTC Pin x Pin TUBING (SEAMLESS) OD TUBING 48,3ММ (1,9”)*4.09KG/M THREAD NU STEEL 3-1/2” DST Work String Tubing 12.95ppf L-80 PH-6 Tubing 4-1/2" 12.75 bs/ft N-80 EU bevelled collars Minimum 20 degrees tubing API 5CT grade J55 or K55 DN=13"3/8 PUP JOINT 3FT OAL 3-1/2" 9.2PPF L80-1CR VAM TOP BOX XPIN Tubing 2-3/8″ L80 type 1chrome thermodiffusion zinc coating of coupl Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5 lbs/ft N-80 EU 30 Feet Long Threaded and Coupled Tubing 1.9inch 10RD EUE Thread with Coupled 2.9ppf Carbon Steel 13Cr 1.050" Tubing J55 1.2 pounds per foot EUE 30FT length API 5CT standard 2 7/8”6.5# P110 EUE PSL2 Pup Joint x 2ft Long PSL3 Pup Joint 1.9"od 2.75ppf NUE J55 10RD round thread l 20ft Joint Pup Tubing Carbon Steel L80 Seamless 5CT EUE 8RD BOX 3-1/2INCH L80-13Cr Coupling Stock material 9-5/8" Casing 9-5/8" 53.5ppf PSL1 Range 3 SR2 Inspection Required 13% Chromium grades and Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA)OCTG Tubular Inserted joint casing Ø339,7 x 13,06mm Q-125 VAM or Hydrill PSL2 Coupling 13-3/8" 68# GRADE K55 API BTC PUP JOINT 3-1/2'' #9.3 L-80 B-P 2 FT EUE Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5 lbs/ft N-80 EU,Seamless 30 Feet Long PSL 2 PUP JOINT 10FT OAL 4-1/2"12.6PPF L80-13CR VAM TOP BOX X PIN N80 Pup joint Tubing 1.66"OD 2.4ppf Flush joint connection COMBINATION NIPPLE EXTERNAL DIAMETER 5-1 / 2 IN Grade J55, L 1.5 ft, Tubing 4-1/2" 17ppf 110 yield Super 13Chrome pipe gas tight connection PLS2 Pup Joint 2-3/8" 4.7LB/FT Grade L80-13Cr EUE 8RD N80 Tubing Pup joint 3-1/2" 9.3ppf EUE With coupling beveled 20degs 3% CR L80 tubing with blank end OD2-7/8" weight 6.5ppf Range II API Sp PSL2 Pup Joint 3-1/2" 9.3LB/FT Grade L80-13Cr Length 15FT Crossover 13CR110 7in 29ppf FOX upper Box x Pin VAM TOP HT 5.5in L80 D10 compliant Coupling for 4-1/2" LTC API spec5CT 3-1/2" Tubing Special Bevel end L80 9.3PPF EUE BOX X PIN R2 Coupling Pipe Well Drilling 3 1/2 9.3lb/ft 13CR Steel Eu 8rd Box x Pin Od6 5/8” API 13CrL80 Casing Range3 24 PPF PE in stock Combination Coupling 4-1/2" Upset 8rd N80 Grade PSL2 PUP JOINT 2.875" 6.5PPF EUE CONNECTION PIN X PIN L-80 10 FEET high quality Zinc Oxide industry high quality Zinc Oxide Feed Grade Zinc Oxide for animal 72% ZnO high quality Zinc Oxide for chemical industry ENCAPSULATING PIGMENT INK [FlyColor]Invisible Ink | Desktop Printer Ink | CISS INK | Inkjet Ink 2-7/8"OD 6.5PPF TUBING 13% CHROME 110 KSI CS HYDRIL PREM CS HYD Tubing 2 3/8” 4.7lb/foot L80 upset tool joints LEFT HAND CS Hydril Casing C110 Sour service 9-5/8" 47LB/FT BTC SSCC PUP JOINT 10FT OAL 4-1/2 12.6PPF L80- 1CR VAM TOP BOX X PIN Thermodiffusion zinc coating of coupling 3-1/2" EU PSL3 BOTL NIPPLE 1.66 "NUE PIN X1.315 "NUE BOX 4IN LENGTH 4140 MATERIAL Sub-X-OVER 2-7/8" EUE BOX x 3-1/2" EUE PIN Grade J55 TUBING 3-1/2” 9.2# L80 3% CHROME R2 API5CT 9CR SEAMLESS CASING 5-1/2" 17PPF BTC R3 Tubing Ø2-3/8" 5.95lbs/ft Grade N-80 EUE R-2 w/Regular Coupling Seamless Tubing L80-1 3-1/2" EUE 9.2PPF for use in hydrogen sulphide 2-7/8″ 10R EUE J55 API CPLGS COUPLING N80 2 3/8 EU 8RD Tubing PUP JOINT 2.3/8" MATERIAL N-80 5.95PPF THICKNESS 6.45MM 4FT PUP JOINT GASKET: SPIRAL WOUND 1" 150LB GRAPHITE MATERIAL 316L SWAGE NIPPLE SPIKE X SPIKE THREADED TYPE EUE 8RD N80 BOTTOM SUB X-OVER 4.5" OD OTTM BUTT BOX x 4.5O.D.8RD LTC PIN COUPLING 3-1/2" P110 EUE 8RD for Tubing Coupling API Oil Well Tubing TSH CS Thread BXP Pup Joint 4-1/2" 12.75# 13CRL80 buttress thread casing 9 5/8" OD 47 lb/ft Grade L80 Range 3 BTC Casing Combination Couplings 2-3/8" 10RD NUE BOX X 2-3/8" 8RD EUE BOX hot-rolled seamless thick-walled pipes steel20 Od159*50mm 4-1/2" 12.6ppf Vam Top Couplings SM2535 or 28CR Coupler PUP JOINTS 2-3/8" 4.7LB/FEET N80 EUE Connection Coupling Pin X box 5' Solar Bracket/Photovoltaic Stents/Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Tubing 3-1/2inch Grade L80 Type-1 9.3PPF Coupling Bevelled 20deg CRA tubulars with premium gas tigth connections 3 ½" 12,7# P-110 Cr13 GOST 632 OTTM Coupling D for Russia Od3-1/2" pup joint 80SS tubing 9.3ppf EUE Pin x Box R2 API5CT REDUCER ECCENTRIC 10" X 8" SCH40/STD A234WPB ASME B16.9 CARBON STEEL L80 PUP JOINT 4-1/2" 4ft/6ft/8ft/10ft TUBING SEAMLESS 3-1/2INCH GRADE L80 Type-1 9.3PPF Casing 16” 84 ppf J-55 BTC thread PSL1 2FT Long Pup Joint Tubing 3-1/2" API Certificate 5 CT 9.3 PPF Pup Joint 3 1/2 " L80-1 9.3PPF pin x box 3 feet coupling on one end PSL2 Pup Joint 5-1/2" 17ppf J55 LTC API 5CT Seamless Steel Length 15ft Cr13 Tubing 4-1/2"/L80-13Cr Tubing/13&%Cr 80ksi Tubing/Super-13Cr Tubing Collars 2 7/8” EUE Thread Grade L80 Tubing 1.66" 2.3ppf NUE BOX X PIN C/W Coupling R2 30ft Grade N80 MACARONI tubing N80 1.315" 1.8ppf EUE,SMLS Extended Length Couplings 2-3/8" Non-upset J55 Grade Slim Hole Coupling 3-1/2" Upset 8RD N80 X-OVER Bushing 9-5/8"Od NC50 IF Box Up x13-3/8" Buttress Pin Down TEE DIA4" SCH40/STD BW A234WPB ASME B16.9 CARBON STEEL Casing Coupling 13CRL80 4-1/2" Coupling LTC Copper Plated Coupling Solar photovoltaic stents/Ground solar mounting system,C-steel/ solar Casing 9-5/8"OD 47 PPF Seamless Steel Grade L-80 Type 1 PSL-2 Range 3 API SEAMLESS CASING 7“OD L80 GRADE 29LB/FT WEIGHT BTC R3 7"TUBING 2 13CRL80 BLAST JOINT TSH-CS Thread Tubing 2-3/8" 4.7PPF 13CRL80 R2 TUBING COUPLINGS CPL TBG N80 NPT 1/2 INCH N80 Tubing 1.315INCH 1.7LB/FT NU 10RD C/W Coupling R2 Length PSL2 Casing 13 3/8” OD 68PPF API 5CT GRADE N-80Q BTC Seamless Steel Pup Joint 4" 9.5PPF NUE N80 Material 10FT long Casing K-55 9 5/8" 36lb/ft, BTC thread R3 13CR SEAMLESS CASING od5-1/2" 17PPF EX-STOCK CASING PLS3 Tubing N80 EUE3-1/2" 12.95ppf With pin x box with coupling P110 Coupling 3-1/2" EUE End P110 Coupling 2-7/8" EUE End Voe4872235 Volvo Brake Accumulator Saip Hydraulic Accumulator Lass 0.75 brake pressure accumulator voe11173688 BAC688 Hydraulic accumulator /diaphragm 、bladder accumulator/ Stainless Steel Accumulator Hydraulic diaphragm Accumulator Casing pipe 177,8х10,36 mm P-110 BTC API 5CT TUBING 2-7/8OD 6.5 PPF L-80 TYPE-1 EUE PIN X PIN TUBING Pup Joint 2-7/8" 6.4# L80 13% CHROME R2 API5CT CASING SIZE THREAD 4 1/2" LTC WEIGHT11.6 R1 GRADES J55 SEAMLESS TUBING DRILL COLLARS 2 7/8 6.5# N80 EUE R2 Casing L80 PSL3 R3 29 lb/ft 7" Thread permium API EXTERNAL UPSET END (EUE) TUBING COUPLINGS 6FT Tubing Pup Joints 3-1/2" 9.3lb/ft EUE Pin X Box API5CT 4-1/2" Slotted Liner 11.6lb/ft K55 BTC R3 CASING PIPE 5-1/2 17PPF N-80 BTC 7" Tubing Cr13%80 23lb/ft LTC Thread With Coupling API SPEC 5CT Tubing Swage/Nipple Swage 73mmBOX X 73mmPIN Double sub pin PSL2 T95 Tubing 3-1/2" 12.95PPF PH6 Equ Connection SMLS Casing 244.5mmX8.94mm K55 Casing in stock N80 Pup joint Tubing 1.66"OD 2.4ppf (42.16*3.56mm)EUE W/Coupling 3-1/2" Tubing pup joint EUE.Weight 9.3 ppf Right Hand Couplings 2-7/8" EU For Tubing J55 L80-1%Cr Coupling 3-1/2" EUE 9.3PPF API 13-3/8” Seamless Casing L-80 68ppf R-3 VAM TOP Connection PUP JOINT 3.1/2" EUE 9.3# N80 BXP 6M LENGTH Casing 9-5/8” 40# L-80 BTC R3 seamless API 5CT latest edition Coupling OD 20” 94ppf BC K55 J55 heat resisting internal anticorrosion protective coating Tubing 2-7/8" Pup Joint Mandrel 2-7/8" 6.5ppf EUE 8rd N80 Grade API 5CT LG 8FT Tubing 2.875 IN 8.6 PPF API L80 3% CR EUE PIN x Box Q125 COUPLINGS TUBING PLS2 3-1/2' 9.2PPF CASING 20'' 94 LB/FOOT H40 STC CONNECTION API5CT Casing Sub 4.5" 8RD Casing LTC Box up x 3.5" EU 8RD pin down Tubing 2-7/8” 6.4# L-80 NUE With Coupling bevelling 20deg 10FT Tubing Pup Joint 3-1/2" Blank 9.2ppf L80-3CR Collar Tubing 2-7/8" EUE Grade J55 N80 Coupling Premium thread NEW VAM Coupling 3-1/2" X- Over 3-1/2" 9.2 ppf Vamtop Box * 2-7/8” 6.4 ppf Vam Top Pin (3 ft Steel Coupling 7" LTC Pin x 5-1/2" BOX Casing Coupling API J55 Liner 7" 29LB/FT Grade 13%Cr-110 Casing BTC C/W Coupling API-5C2 13% CR Tubing L80 3-1/2" 9.3LB/FT EUE BOX x PIN▏ PUP JOINT 2-7/8" 6.5 lbm/ft Grade L-80 BxP collapse collapse 11170PSI X-OVER 2-7/8” NUE BOX x 2-3/8” NUE PIN CASING 3 1/2'' 9.3 LB/FOOT N-80 EUE 8RD PIN X BOX R2 API5CT Tubing Couplings Size 2-3/8" J-55 EUE API 5CT Casing pipe 244,5mm х11,05mm N-80 BTC API 5CT latest edition SMLS Casing 13-3/8" 54.5PPF BTC K55 R3 PUP JOINT 2-7/8 EUE 6.5 PPF L-80 2FT (SUPPLY OF EUE PRODUCTION TUBING Integral Flush Connection Casing 5-1/2" 20PPF 13CRL80 OCTG Pup Joint 3 1/2'' OD L-80 9.3 PPF 2FT LEGNTH Pipe casing size 9-5/8" 47 PPF R.3 L80 ( 6 Mtr ) pin & box R1 Tubing 4-1/2" x 12,60LB/FT 13% Cr FOX pin* box Standard 20 ft. Length SMLS Tubing 1.315" 1.8LB/FT EUE N80 Coupling Rang2 Macaroni tubing 1.1/4” (1.660”) OD API External Upset Internal Plastic Coating Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5PPF EUE PSL3 API5CT Casing 4-12" 13.5ppf PSL1 L80 Vam Top or TCII Threaded and Couple CIRCULATION SUBS 3-1/2" PUP JOINT 6 FT BOX/PIN L-80 OR P110 BGT2 Thread Coupling Cooper Plated 110S Coupling 3CRL80 for tubing RTS-8 Tubing Od2-3/8" 5.3ppf J55 Grade API5CT 7" Casing Coupling BC K55 Cross over 3-1/2” Premium Connection Box x 2-7/8” EUE Pin Casing 20" J55 94 lb/ft BTC R3 SMLS or ERW API 5CT COUPLING 2 3/8” N80 EUE 8RD for Tubing Coupling API COUPLING 1CR-L80 Grade EUE 8RD 4-1/2" Coupling Tubing 13CR85 Pup Joint 2-7/8" 6.4PPF Blank ends 15FT LG Tubing Coupling 3-1/2“ EUE N80 Coupling API Spec 5CT 13% CR-110 PUP JOINT 3 ½” 9.3# EUE 8RD 6FEET BOX x PIN Pup Joints X52 for 30" casing BTC 5 ft Length each PSL2 Coupling 4-1/2" 11.6# BTC for Casing Coupling Elbow 8" 45DEG Sch40 LR BW ASTM A 234 Gr WPB ASME B16.9 7"TUBING 26 ppf,V AM TOP I or Equivalent Rang II 110 KSL CRA Material CASING 7" BTC 29LB/FT P110 API5CT R3 CASING 9 5/8" SMLS 47 PPF L80 CASING TPCQ PSL3 R3 Tubing 4-1/2" 12.6ppf API 5CT- PSL 2 L80 API spec 5CT PSL2 TUBING SM 3-1/2IN 9.3# L80 13% CR TUBING PH-6 Tubing/VAM FJL(Flush Joint) Tubing premium FOX thread Pup Joint PSL2 Coupling 3-1/2" EU FOR TUBING GRADE N80 COMBINING NIPPLE BOTTLE OD3-1 / 2X2-3 / 8 IN GRADE API 5CT N80 EU Sub-Crossover 1.9" NU PIN X 2-7/8" BOX NPT COUPLING REGULAR TYPE STEEL GRADE J55 2-7/8IN : NU 8RD X-OVER Collar 2-3/8" EUE BOX x 2-3/8" NUE BOX Grade J55 Casing Coupling P110TT material 7" 29ppf Tubing 1.315''OD L-80 1.8 PPF EUE 10rd API 5CT Casing NK3SB Connection 9-5/8" 47PPF seamless Grade L80 API 5CT PSL 1 Coupling Thread API nu (non-upset)  1.315IN J-55  OD 1.66in Pup Joint 3.5" 9.3ppf EUE thread 4130 Material 4Ft Length API 5CT Collar Casing Coupling 16" BTC Grade J55/K55 Tubing 3-1/2" 9.3 lbs/ft N-80Q EU seamless 30 feet long Tubing Material N80 Coupling External Upset End 4-1/2" FLANGE WELD NECK(WN DIA 2" 150LB RAISED FACE SCH40/STD/40S A105N FLAN API SPEC 5CT SMLS Tubing Pipe od1.9" 3.65lb/ft NUE L80 Coupling thread Casing pipe 9-5/8" OD 47 PPF Seamless Steel Grade L-80 Type 1 PSL-2 R P110-3%Chrome Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5PPF API Tubing 3CR-P110 PE End Crossover 2-7/8" FOX BOX X 1/2" NPT BOX P110 GRADE Rotate Right hand Couplings N80 4" NU Seamless Tubing Coupling L80 OD3-1/2" 12.95ppf EUE Tubing 3.5" 9.3LB/FT L80 EUE R2 Crossover: 2-7/8" 6.4 ppf L-80 13Cr New Vam Pin x 2-7/8" OD 6.4 ppf L- Tubing 3-1/2” OD 9.2lb/Ft L80 13% Cr TJ-DLP-VT premium Gas tight Extreme line casing 5-1/2" 23lb/ft XC Connection 5 TPI Grade P110 Tubing 4-1/2'"12.6PPF PH4 Premium connection Grade 13CR-110KSI Petroleum Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5PPF L80 Grade EUE 9m length Tubing R2 COUPLING 4" J55 EUE 8RD for Tubing Coupling API CASING 9 5/8" 47 LBS/FT P110 LTC R3 (40 Feet Long) API5CT Tubing Coupling 3-1/2" EU 8RD L80 Grade PSL1 Tubing 13 Cr L80 Pup joint 3-1/2" 9.3ppf EUE C/W coupling 4FT Long Casing 7" OD 29PPF13CR / 95000 psi VAM TOP R3 API5CR Casing Coupling 9-5/8" LC Coupling API 5B Copper Plating coupling P110S for Tubing 3-1/2" 9.2PPF EUE 2-7/8" VAM TOP TUBING Coupling TBG 5 1/2" Grade L-80 20 PPF VAM-FJL Connection API5C2 L80 Coupling / Муфта 60.3 mm (2 3/8") 6.99 kg/m (4.7 lb/ft) EUE Casing Coupling gas tight premium connection VAM TOP coupling L80/N80 Pipe coupling 3-1/2" EUE (External Upset End) API 5CT Production Tubing 3-1/2” 9.3 ppf L-80-13Cr Premium connection X-OVER 2-7/8" FOX BOX CONNECTION X 1/2" NPT BOX 4145 GRADE GASKET ISOLATING KITS 2# 600# ANSI,RAISE FACE 12.250" OD x 1.875" wall Grade P-110 Seamless Coupling Stock (PSL-1) COUPLING 2 3/8” L80 EUE 8RD for Tubing Coupling API 3-1/2” L80 9.2ppf Seamless Tubing with Special Clearance Coupling (w 13CrL80 Tubing 2-7/8" 6.4ppf Gas tight premium connection cplg coper Premium Connection Hydril CS Crossover 2-7/8" PIN X PIN Cross Over Swedges 3-1/2” EUE PIN x 2-7/8” EUE PIN 4140 SAE American Type Hose Clamp 304ss grade type 12.7mm bandwidth, M8 Casing 7” 26# N-80 BTC R3 Seamless API 5CT latest edition Casing Nipple 4 1/2" 8RD N80 ELBOW 2" LONG RADIUS SCH 40 A234WPB ELBOW ANSIB16.9 CARBON STEEL Tubing Od2-3/8" 5.3ppf grade C-95 Upset OD 2.750” extra long SAE J1508 General 301SS Stainless Steel American Type Hose Clamp EUE PRODUCTION TUBINGS PUP JOINT 3-1/2 EUE 9.3 PPF N-80 8 FT LONG Large Diameter 20" Casing K- 55 OR J-55 133ppf BTC Connection API 5CT Tubing 4 1/2" OD 12.6PPF Grade:110ksi VAM top connection PSL2 Pup Joint 4-1/2“ Material L80-3Cr 12.6lb/ft NUE Pin X Box 8RD Tubing Swages 2-3/8" 8RD EUE BOX X 2-7/8" 8RD EUE PIN PUP JOINT 2.875" 6.5PPF EUE CONNECTION PIN X PIN L-80 10 FEET LONG Large American Type Hose Clamp 316SS grade type 12.7mm bandwidth, M8 TUBING PERFORATED 5-1/2IN 15.5PPF J-55,9M LENGTH TUBING Special Bevel Coupling N80 4-1/2" 12.75ppf EUE API5CT Gost633-80 Tubing Coupling 3-1/2" 9.3PPF HKT OTTM TYPE Connection HSC Coupling 2-3/8" 5.1lb/ft Grade P110 Обсадная труба Φ 5 1/2" grade J55 7.72мм thread LTC 3 1/2" J55 EUE tubing couplings extended by 1" overlength Upper mandrel x-over.4.5 IN LTC 8RD BOX X 4.500 O.D OTTM BUTTRESS P110 Coupling 2-7/8" EUE End Pup joint 5 ft 5-1/2" 17PPF LTC Box x Pin L80 Material API 5CT Casing Pup Joint 5-1/2"OD 15.5PPF GR K55 BTC 9' LG API5CT C/W Coupling VAM TOP Coupling 4-1/2" 12.6ppf 8RD API 5CT L80 Type 1 API 5CT Tubing 3½Od 9.2ppf Tubing L-80 1%Cr Drift 2.867in VAMTOP Conn PUP JOINT DIA 3 1/2" 9.3LB/FT API 5CT REGULAR GRADE J55 TC3000F internal coating for tubing 3-1/2" 9.2ppf EUE L80 L80 Coupling Stock/P110 Coupling Blank/Tubing 1.315" API SEAMLESS CASING 9-5/8“ OD L80 GRADE 47LB/FT WEIGHT BTC R3 P110 Coupling 3-1/2" EUE End TUBING PIPE SEEMLESS CARBON STEEL 1.315" NOMINAL WEIGHT 1.7 LBS Cross Over 3-1/2''NUE box×3-1/2"EUE PIN Flow Coupling L80-13CR 11-3/4" Coupling BTC Copper Plated Coupling COUPLING 2 3/8” J55 EUE 8RD for Tubing Coupling API 1Cr Tubing/3Cr Tubing/9Cr Tubing/13Cr Tubing 2 7/8" EUE Tubing P110 grade with 7.9PPF pup joint 2 3/8” 10 ft Long 6.99 kg/m (4.7 lb/ft) L-80 EUE (upset) Od3-1/2" UHMWPE Lined Tubing 80SS 9.3ppf EUE Pin x Box R2 API5CT Seamless Casing Pipe Od4-1/2" Gr J55 11.6 ppf BTC Casing R3 4-1/2" 11 3-1/2" Tubing P110 Grade 88.9*7.34mm NUE 10.2PPF PSL2 API 5CT 6FT Pup Joint L80-9CR Grade Tubing 4-1/2" 12.6PPF NUE Crossovers Swages big End 2-3/8" EU THREAD:EXTERNAL UPSET 8 THREAD PER Pump Seating Nipple PROFILE V2 EUE 8RD Pin X Box for Oilfield use Casing Coupling 13CRL80 9-5/8" Coupling LTC Copper Plated Coupling PUP JOINT DIA 5-1/2" 15.5LB/FT API 5CT REGULAR GRADE K55 END: PIN X BO CSG Casing 20" OD 94 ppf K-55 BTC R-3 SMLS API-5CT latest Edition PSL1/PSL2/PSL3 Couping L80/N80 EUE Tubing Couplng API 5CT Pup Joint 3-1/2" 9.2PPF API L80 13%CR EUE PIN x Box 4ft long PUP JOINT 4 ½“ 12.75PPF EUE 8RD 4FT LONG GRADE L-80 Beveled Coupling 3-1/2" EUE Tubing Coupling Grade J55 CROSS OVER AISI 4145 3-1/2" EUE PIN X 4" LP PIN X 10" LONG COMES COUPLING 2 7/8” N80 Type1 EUE 8RD for Tubing Coupling API Perforated tubing pup joint Size Thread 2 3/8" EUE LENGTH 2FT Grade J5 Casing Od13-3/8" 61ppf L80 BTC R3 EUE TUBING NIPPLE 2" 8rd Threads X 2" NPT line pipe thread API Seamless Tubing 88.9MM (3-1/2") 8RD EUE J55 L80-9CR Coupling Copper Brush Plated Tubing 3-1/2" EU 8ROUND THREAD PUP JOINT 8FT LG OCTG CARBON STEEL,SEAMLESS GR J-55 OR K-55 4-1/2" 13. Oil Tubing Od2-7/8" (73.02*5.51) API 5CT L80-1Cr Tubing Range2 Tubing Coupler 2-3/8″ N80 NU Non-upset PDVSA EM-18-00/05 TUBING 2-7/8 in 8.6lb/ft EUE 8RD COUPLING TSH-CS Pup Joint 2-3/8" 4.7ppf 13CRL80 10ft LG Tubing Pup Join3-1/2" t TSH-BLUE Pin-Pin length 1 m 9.2 L80 AISI4140 Tubing PUP JOINT 3-1/2"OD 9.3PPF GR J55 EUE 8RD 10' LG API5CT ELBOW 16" 90 DEGREE LR ASTM A234 WPB YML Type Connector Prestressing Coupler Round Spiral reinforcement for Post-tensioning system Prestressed DOME Barrel and Wedges Prestressed Force Anchorage Tension Clips for anchoring PC steel strand Prestressed Wedge Tension ARC Flat Anchorage Tension Flat Anchorage Prestressed Bearing Plate plastic and metal material corrugated duct/pipe Low Withdrew Anchorage Prestressed Anchor Head Rutile Titanium Dioxide For Paint high quality stearic acid double pressure high quality stearic acid high quality stearic acid triple pressure Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 56-58 candle making Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 58-60 granular good for rubber make Crude Paraffin Wax from 52 to 64 Semi Refined Paraffin Wax 5860 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 56-58 candle making Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 58-60 granular good for rubber make ZnO Znic Oxide for rubber and plastic making ZnO Znic Oxide for rubber and plastic making Zinc Oxide feed grade 72% Rutile Titanium Dioxide For Paint & Coating & metallurgical industy Anatase Titanium Dioxide For Paint and Coating high quality stearic acid triple pressure high quality stearic acid double pressure 400 Crude Paraffin Wax from 52 to 64 Semi Refined Paraffin Wax 5860 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 5860 candle and crayon making ZnO Znic Oxide for rubber and plastic making Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 56-58 candle making high quality stearic acid double pressure Anatase Titanium Dioxide For Paint Rutile Titanium Dioxide For Paint high quality stearic acid Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 58-60 Sublimation Ink Invisible Ink CROSSOVER 3-1/2" EUE PIN X 27/8" EUE PIN X-OVER Pup Joint 4-1/2"OD 12.75PPF GRRADE J55 EUE 8RD 6' LG SMLS Casing 7" 32PPF P110 BTC R3 TJ-DLP-VT Tubing/TJ-DLP-NW Thread Casing PSL2 Casing 13-3/8” 68 ppf L-80 BTC Coupling 4-1/2" STC T95 API5CT Casing Pup Joint Od13-3/8" 54.5ppf K55 BTC Length 3.5meter N80/L80 Crossover sub PIN X BON 4-1/2"Od Grade Q-125 Seamless Coupling Stock (PSL-1) 13CRL80 casing 11-3/4" 47LB/FT Buttress connection with couplings PUP JOINT 5-1/2"OD 15.5PPF GR K55 BTC 6' LG API 5CT C/W COUPLING ON ON 7" TUBING 26 PPF VAM TOP 110 KSL 13Cr Steel Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) OCTG Pipe 2-3/8 "CR 13 NU C Pup joint T95 Grade 9.625 SL- Apex Box x pin 47# 8ft long Decoration folding portable horse bench multifunctional folding ladder Casing 9-5/8” K-55 36 PPF BTC RIII Household ladder hinge folding stool under scaffolding collapse 7" Liner 35lb/ft Q-125 Seamless BC Pin x Box thread protector adapters for pipe threads 3-1/2" NU PIN * 2-7/8" EU BOX J55 Casing Pipe 7" 32PPF L80/P110 CSG In Stock China Manufacturer GASKET FLAT ROUND 12" CLASS RATING150 Gas-tied hot rolled Tubing 2 7/8" x 5,51 L80-1 R2 API 5CT Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5ppf EUE L80 R2 SMLS Crossover 4-1/2" EUE BOX X 3-1/2" EUE BOX Material 4140 80KSI VAM TOP EQUIVAMET DL-VN CONNECTION TUBING 5" 18PPF 5” Flushed Liner casing of L-80 grade having 18ppf LTC Coupler GOST632-80 Casing OTTM Grade D 5-1/2" 17PPF SEAMLESS CASING 9 5/8 47# GRADE N80 BTC R3 A105N FLANGE WELD NECK PIPE SIZE 219MM (8") CLASS RATING 300LB Tubing T95 Crossover 3-1/2" 12.95ppf PIN IF X BOX PH6 Tubing 4" API Certificate 5CT 11PPF wall thickness 0.262" Grade J-55 EUE Tubing Swage 2-1/2″ 8rd EUE PIN x 2″ 8rd EUE BRONZE PIN Hydril Flash Joint Threaded Type 114.3*9.65 P110 Inserted Joint Casing Coupling 7-5/8" LTC API5CT Wash Pipe Casing 6" 23ppf Q125 (Flush) Wedge 511 or similar Square tube steel folding stool horse ride scaffolding work ladder NIPPLE EXTENSION OD2-3/8IN 4.7PPF EUE THREAD 8RD PIN X PIN 4FT LONG Metal To Metal Casing VAM TOP Threaded and Coupled Connection Casing 4" 11.6PPF 13CRL80 Liner R3 NEW VAM Crossover 5-1/2" LC PIN X 4" NEW VAM TOP BOX SEAMLESS PSL2 CASING PIPE 7'' API 5CT N80 23 PPF BTC API 5CT PSL2 CAL III ISO13679 Pup joint 5 1/2" x10,54PPF P110 length 3 H2S Corrosion Tubing/Casing 80SS,90SS,95SS 100SS,110SS,125SS Casing 4-1/2" 15.1ppf 1%CrP110 Tubing Integral Flush Thread CASING API SEAMLESS STEEL SCREWED & COUPLED CASING O.D139.7mm(5-1/2") 4 ½“ 15,2# P 110 CR13 Tubing C/W Couplings API 5CT Seamless Pup Joint Mandrel 2-7/8" 8.7ppf EUE 8rd N80 Grade API 5CT LG 4FT CSG 9 5/8'' SMLS 47 PPF L 80 N.VAM OR EQUIVALENT STD DD PSL2 R 3 Voe11172061 Volvo Brake Accumulator Volvo 11163151 Brake Accumulator Voe11173690 Volvo brake accumulator-BAC690 Voe11173693 Volvo Brake Accumulator BAC693 Voe12726152 Volvo Brake Accumulator Tianjin manufacturer Casing Pipe Od339.72*11.19mm Casing In stock AIR GAS Tight Casing Pipe 9-5/8"Od Metal to Metal sealing Pup Joint 4-1/2" 12.75PPF EUE 8RD 5FT Long Grade N80 API5CT Seamless Casing 5 1/2"17# N80/L80 blank end connection Tubing Pup Joint 3-1/2" TBG 9.3# L80 EUE R2 K55 Casing Coupling 20inch BC/LC connection L80 Swage Nipple 5-1/2" LTC PIN X 4-1/2" EUE PIN 5.875" OD x 1.000" wall Grade L-80 Seamless Coupling Stock (PSL-1) Pup Joint 3-1/2"OD 9.3LB/FT GRRADE J55 EUE 8RD 3' LG Seamless Tubing 13Cr,9Cr, Sup13Cr, 22Cr, 25Cr,28Cr L80 13Cr L80 9Cr Casing Ø244,5x8,9mm K55 BTC or ОТТМ Ex-stock casing L80-3Chrome Od9-5/8" 47ppf (244.5*11.99mm) Buttress Tubing Collar Od3-1/2" NU Connection J55/N80/L80/P110 Coupling SMLS Casing Od4-1/2” 15.10 ppf P-110 Premium connection Petroleum Tubing L80-13Chrome Seamless Pipe API 3-1/2" 9.3PPF CASING ERW 18-5/8"IN K55 112/114PPF BUTTRESS T&C CONNECTION Coupling 1.9" for tubing L80 phosphated chemistry Pipe coupling 2-3/8" NUE FLOW COUPLINGS OD2-3/8" J55 NEW VAM TOP EQUIVAMET DL-VT CONNECTION CASING 7" 26PPF Material H40 Coupling 18-5/8" Casing Pipe Buttress End COUPLING TUBING 2-7/8"OD SIZE N-80 GRADE 8RD EU API 5CT 20" SMLS Casing K-55 94 lb/ft BTC R3 EUE Tubing Od1.315"(33.4mm) 2.24ppf (3.33mm) N80 C/W Couplings FLANGE ORIFICE 273MM (10") 150LB SCH40 RF WN ASTM A 105 Gr N 10 FT TUBING PUP JOINT 5-1/2IN 15.5LB/FT J-55 LTC CONNECTION PSL2 Casing 13 5/8" 88.2 ppf N-80 BTC Casing MACARONI TUBING 1.9” 2.75ppf N80 non upset NU Tubing Seamless 1.315" 2.25Lbs/Ft N-80 Hydril With Hydril CS PDVSA EM-18-00/05 CASING 5-1/2 in 17lb/ft LTC COUPLING API 5CTJ55 Pup Joint 3-1/2" 9.3PPF EUE 8RD X 4FT LONG N80 casing pipe API Φ9 5/8" gradeJ55 wall thickness 8.94мм thread LTC Tubing 2-7/8″ L80-1Cr thermodiffusion zinc coating couplings PSL-3 FLANGE WN 219MM(8")150LB SCH40 RF A105N Premium Tubing T95SS Vam Top 4-1/2” 15.20lbs/ft Pin x Pin SMLS Cross Over J55 3-1/2" EUE BOX 3-1/2" NUE BOX 3FT Pup Joint J55 Od2-7/8" Tubing Coupling 3-1/2" 8RD EUE Grade L80 L80-3%Chrome Tubing Plain end 2-7/8" 6.5PPF API PIPE 3CR-L80 Casing 5-1/2” K-55 15.5 PPF BTC RIII PUP JOINT TUBING Od2-7/8" 9.45PPF API 5CT J55 EUE 6ft LG Material J55 Coupling 7" Casing Pipe Buttress End PSL1/PSL2 Production Tubing 13%Cr 2-7/8" 6.5PPF EUE IN STOCK Super-13%CRA Casing 5-1/2" 17PPF LTC C/W Coupling API5C2 Ex-stock for Tubing L80-1Cr Size 2-7/8" 6.5ppf 8RD EU Connection GOST 632-80 Casing Pipe 168х7.3mm Pumping Compressor Steel pipes 89mm*6.45mm P110 Tubing XL Thread Flush Casing 5" Q125 BTC No Collar 18lb/ft API5CT R3 Crossover 2-7/8" EU PIN X3-1/2" BOX EU J55 Casing 9-5/8" BTC 47LB/FT L80 Special Drift 8-1/2" Bit R3 API5L PSL2 Casing Q125 Od9-5/8" 53.5ppf TP-CQ Connection R3 API5CT Casing Pipe 4-1/2" 13.5LB/FT 13CRL80 LTC Thread connection FLANGE WELD NECK 168MM (6") 150LB RAISED FACE A105N FLANGE BLIND PIPE SIZE 219MM (8") CLASS RATING 300LB RAAISED FACE A105 Seamless Casing Pipe 473.08mmx11.05mm K55 PSL-1 BTC R3 Sub pin x pin 2 7/8" x 5,51 L8013Cr Tubing Material J55 Coupling NU2-7/8" API Spec 5ct New Vam Top Coupling 4-1/2" Tubing L80 GASKET: SPIRAL WOUND 10" 600LB 316SS PUP JOINT SIZE 4-1/2IN WEIGHT 11.6PPF GRADE K55 CONNECTION TYPE BTC STC Casing K55 Od9-5/8" 36LB/FT Weight API Spec 5ct 9th Casing Lower hinge folding portable stool versatile decoration Seamless Casing pipe 168,3mmх10,59 mm P-110 BTC API Spec 5ct Blind FLANGE 2" 1500LB RTJ Sch XXS A350 GRADE:LF2 CASING 5-1/2" 17.00LB/FT SEAMLESS P110 40FEET SLOTTED L80-9%Chrome Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5PPF API Tubing 9CR-L80 PE End Tubing Coupling 1.9" EUE API 5B Coupling 1.315" for tubing J55 Насосно-компрессорная труба J55 Od3 1/2" 7" Casing Pipe/Liner L80-13CR 29lb/ft BTC C/W Coupling API Butters Casing 508mmx11.13 as per standard API К-55 as p Crossover 4 1/2" EUE box X Crossover 4 1/2" EUE box Grade L-80 Horse Stool/Folding scaffold work ladder/Portable ladder decorating Crossover 2" NPT BOX x 2-7/8" EUE BOX Grade N80 X-over 3 1/2" 15.80 LBS/FT TS6 TUBING C95SS GRADE API5CT 7" Casing 29 ppf T-95 BTC R3 API 5CT V150 Tubing 2-7/8" 6.5PPF EUE8RD C/W coupling XOS 2-7/8" EUE 8RD X 2" UNION Grade J55 THREDOLET FNPT BRANCH PIPE SIZE1" RUN PIPE RANGE 6"- 36" CLASS RATING: Coupling 5-1/2" L80 LTC API 5CT TBG 5.5'' SMLS 20 PPF L-80 TYPE ll (13Cr) N.VA, OR EQUIVALENT Seamless Casing Pipe Φ339.7mm J55×9.65mm STC API Casing New Vam Coupling 3-1/2" Tubing L80 316L Tubing boronize 2 7/8” EUE 8-round tubing 6.5lbs/ft RTS-8 Thread Tubing Od3-1/2" 10.3ppf L-80/N-80 Grade API5CT Tubing Nipples 4-1/2" EU 8RD BOX X 3-1/2" EUE 8RD PIN Tubing 4-1/2” Vam Top 12.6# L80 R2 CONCENTRIC REDUCER 3"X2" SCH40 BEVELLED A234WPB REDUCER 10FT Pup- Joint TBG L80 2-7/8'' 6.5LB Eu 8rd BxP 4-1/2" P110 LCSG Couplings
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