Renel Touchscreen Fireplace PCBALike

FOB Price ModelRN-80AD Certification UL CapableCE,FCC Min.Order1000 Brand NameRenel Brief DescriptionRenel Touchscreen Fireplace PCBA with UL listed,have touchsreen display board and power board.


Ningbo Ruineng Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo  Zhejiang  China
No.of Staffs101 - 500 People Sales VolumeUS$5 Million - US$10 Million Monthly Capacity300,000PCS OEM/ODM AvailabilityBOTH Payment Terms T/T  L/C  Others
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PCBA, Reading Pen, Bluetooth Module

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Eastern Europe; Japan & Korea; Latin America; Middle East; North America; Northern Europe; Oceania; Central & Southern Asia; Southeast Asia; Western & Southern Europe

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Basic Specification

Layers: double sides,2 layers
Min. Line Width 0.3mm for single layer board,0.2mm for double layer board
Copper Thickness 35um
Base Material FR-4 or CEM-1
Number of Layers Other
Board Thickness 1.6mm
Min. Hole Size 0.3mm for single layer board,0.2mm for double layer board
Surface Finishing Immersion Tin
Min. Line Spacing 0.25mm for single layer board,0.2mm for double layer board

Detail Description

Renel Touchscreen Fireplace PCBA  

1. Touch screen operation
2. Infrared remote control function
3. Precise temperature control
4. LED screen display interface 

Electric Fireplace PCBA with FR-4 PCB Board:

Electric Fireplace PCBA with CEM-1 PCB Board:

Thermal Fireplace PCBA:

Touch Screen Thermal Fireplace PCBA:

Touch Screen Wood Grain Fireplace PCBA User Manual

Display Panel:

The wood grain fireplace has 2 working modes, Standby and Power on.
Standby Mode:
Connect the fireplace plug to power supply, fireplace powered on, the display board in standby mode, power supply light in red, all other lights off. Only ON/OFF button can work, other buttons do not work.
If it is a new fireplace, after powered on for the first time (ON/OFF in standby mode), long press MODE button for 3 seconds, feed motor light on, continuously feeding for 4 minutes and 50 seconds then enter into power on mode. During the feeding period, convention blower, exhaust fan and poker do not work. Long press MODE button will work as feeding only and do not have any other function.
After power on the fireplace, before press ON/OFF button, if detect the temperature control switch has been closed(for example, it is a hot fireplace when power on), exhaust fan and convention blower work on 220V voltage for heat radiation, the convention blower and exhaust fan will stop working when the temperature control switch off. If press ON/OFF button, fireplace enter into ignite program.
Power on mode: Include ignite, normal work, power off, 3 procedures. 
Ignite procedure:
When the control board is connected with power supply, press ON/OFF button to power on the fireplace, the light will change from red to yellow green. MANUAL light, feed light on, exhaust fan and feed motor start working, exhaust fan and feed motor light on. The screen display room temperature. When the exhaust fan start working, fireplace inside will become negative pressure, when test the pressure switch is closed, the poker will be ignited, poker light on. It takes 4 to 10 minutes from poker ignited to fire flame. When there is fire flame, the temperature will increase, and when the fireplace inner temperature up to 65, the temperature control switch close, convention icon light on, convention blower start working, blow the heat into the room. Timing from the fireplace powered on to 12 minutes, if convention blower already works, it means ignite succeed, shut off the poker, ignite light off, then enter into normal work procedure. If 12 minutes later, temperature switch do not close, convention blower do not work, then the ignite failure alarm.  
Press ON/OFF, feed motor continuously feeding for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, stop feeding for 1minutes, then follow FEEDING 3S/STOP 4S to feed spasmodically until ignite procedure finish. After ignite, feed under the related rank accordingly. The display board feeding light will uniform with feed motor, feed motor work and light on, feed motor do not work then light off.
Press ON/OFF, when time up to 5 minutes 30 seconds, exhaust fan voltage is 175V, after 5 minutes 30 seconds then the voltage rise to 220V until ignite procedure finish. After finish igniting, exhaust fan will work base on the related voltage accordingly.
During ignite procedure, press UP/DOWN button, rank light can switch circularly, but the light will onto the working rank only when ignite finish. During ignite procedure, press MODE will not work.
 Feed Time(Seconds)Exhaust, Convention Voltage 
1st RankFeed 2/Stop 5175V 
2nd RankFeed 3/Stop 4175V 
3rd RankFeed 5/Stop 3190V 
4th RankFeed 7/Stop 3205V 
5th RankFeed 10/Stop 3220V(Full Voltage) 
Press ON/FF and 12 minutes later, if temperature switch close, convention blower works (175V), this means ignite succeed, and shut off poker, ignite procedure finish, enter into normal work procedure. According to different ranks, each rank will have different feed times, exhaust fan and convention blower voltage. Press UP/DOWN button can switch the rank, rank 1 to rank 5 can switch in turns. 
Auto-work mode:
The default work mode is manual mode, and upper descriptions for manual work mode, can switch to auto-work mode only when the ignite procedure succeed.
Press MODE button can switch manual mode and auto mode in turns. The MANUAL and T-STAT lights over MODE button will show work mode. Under auto-work mode, then can set temperature, when press UP or DOWN button, screen will show the saved value in EEROM, UP increase 1, DOWN reduce 1, 4 seconds later will recover display the room temperature. When room temperature 3 lower than set temperature, fireplace will return to original manual set rank. When room temperature the same as set temperature, fireplace will work under the value in rank 1. Can not manual switch the rank under auto-work mode, if want switch the rank, then must switch to manual mode.
Power off procedure:
Press ON/OFF button enter into power off mode during the fireplace working procedure. During power off procedure, feed motor stop work, exhaust fan and convention blower work under full voltage, the fire flame will burn out slowly, temperature will reduce slowly, when temperature reduce and temperature switch disconnect, exhaust fan and convention blower stop working, power off finish, fireplace turn to standby mode. Timing from power off, if temperature switch not disconnect 30 minutes later, then shut off forcibly. During power off procedure, if press ON/OFF button, the fireplace will power on again, and enter into ignite procedure. (The ignite, feed motor, exhaust fan, convention blower icons will be show according to its related working mode)
Fault Alarm:
If have fault during ignite procedure and normal work procedure, the fireplace control board will alarm. Alarm with below situations.
Negative pressure alarm: Display E2
During ignite procedure, if pressure switch do not close, continuously detected for 30S and still not close, then stop igniting work and alarm. The reason for this situation may be resulted from the door is open.
During normal work, if negative pressure disappear, when control board detects negative pressure switch disconnect, delay 30S, if the switch still disconnect, then it will make negative pressure alarm. Exhaust fan and convention blower work under full voltage, feed motor and poker stop working. Temperature display will turn to E2 as indicator for negative pressure alarm. After stop feeding, temperature will reduce slowly, when temperature switch disconnect, the exhaust fan and convention blower will stop, the light still blink to remind user it makes negative pressure alarm, until user press ON/OFF button to reset and control board turn to standby mode again. Press ON/OFF button can not reset before the temperature reduce.
Reset: Plug out the power cable and plug in again, press ON/OFF button to power on again.
Over-heat alarm: Display E1
There is an over-heat switch inside the fireplace, the switch is closed if fireplace not over-heat. It will disconnect when the fireplace over-heat.
When the control board detects the over-heat switch disconnected, delay 30S and detect again, if still disconnect then make over-heat alarm. Convention blower and exhaust fan work under full voltage, feed motor and poker stop. E1 blink as indicator for over-heat alarm. When temperature reduces, exhaust fan and convention blower stop, press ON/OFF to reset. Press ON/OFF button can not reset before the temperature reduce.
Reset: Plug out the power cable and plug in again, press ON/OFF button to power on again.
Flameout alarm: Display E3
During normal work procedure, if detect temperature switch is disconnect, delay 30S and detect again, if still disconnect then make flameout alarm. Feed motor stop feeding, exhaust fan and convention blower stop working. E3 blink as indicator for flameout alarm. Press ON/OFF button to reset when it alarm.
Ignite fail alarm: Display E4
If temperature switch do not close after ignite for 12 minutes, convention blower do not work then make ignite fail alarm.
Timing from ignite start, if 12 minutes later, temperature still not increase to make the temperature switch close then make ignite fail alarm. Exhaust fan and convention blower work under full voltage, E4 blink as indicator for ignite fail alarm.
Reset: Press ON/OFF button to reset.
Temperature sensor fault alarm: Display E5
After connect with power supply, it will display room temperature automatically. Temperature sensor fault will display E5.
After open the feed door, feed light off and stop feeding. If feed door fault (open circuit) or door not well closed, then feed light off and stop feeding.
Remote control:
There are 4 buttons on the remote control, the function is the same as display board.
/ switch temperature: Press UP and DOWN buttons for 3S at the same time, after hear “BEEP” sound, temperature display switch succeed.

Remote Control:

Our factory pictures as below,

Additional Information

Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Minimum Order 1000
Lead Time Delivery Time 20 days
Sample Available Yes
Delivery Details 20 days for bulk order
FOB Port Ningbo
Loading Info air or sea
Packing Info carton
Target Market(s) Eastern Europe,  Japan & Korea,  Latin America,  North America,  Northern Europe,  Oceania,  Western & Southern Europe

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General Information

Year of Establishment 2006
Capital US$501 Thousand - US$1 Million
Sales Volume US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Brand Name Renel

Export Information

Export Year 2006
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
Delivery Time 30 days
Minimum Order Quantity 10000PCS
Payment Terms T/T  L/C  Others

Productivity Information

Production Lines 4 lines
Factory Size 5,000 square meters
Monthly Capacity 300,000PCS
Investment on Manufacturing Equipments US$501 Thousand - US$1 Million
No. of Staffs 101 - 500 People
No. of R/D Staffs 5 - 10 People
No. of Engineers 5 - 10 People
No. of QC Staffs 11 - 20 People