GMC, Global Manufacturer Certificate, is a standard distinguishing quality Chinese manufacturers. Based on years of profound knowledge of the international market, GlobalMarket analyzed the feedback from a survey on international sourcing criteria among 20,000 overseas professional buyers. The results helped to establish the existing 8 GMC Benchmarks audited by TÜV, including manufacturing facilities, product quality control, company size, dedicated export team, research and development capability, social and environmental responsibility, trustworthiness and reputation, as well as OEM/ODM experience.

Benefit for Buyer

As a symbol of excellent Made in China products, GMC offers global buyers the best way to reach the most trustworthy manufacturers in China directly, matched with high quality products. At meanwhile, sourcing cost is reduced and efficiency is improved. Now join GMC buyer community to communicate with your reliable future partners in China.

Benefit for Manufacturer

Thanks to the refined eight auditing criteria, GMC powers manufacturers with strategic branding and precise product positioning so as to enhance global buyers' confidence of Made in China products. GMC manufacturers are distinguished among competitors by means of exportation qualification, company edges, skill training, etc.