What is GMC?

GMC, Global Manufacturer Certificate, is a standard distinguishing quality Chinese manufacturers. The existing 8 GMC Benchmarks include manufacturing facilities, product quality control, company size, dedicated export team, research and development capability, social and environment responsibility, trust worthiness and reputation, as well as OEM/ODM experience.

How's the 8 Benchmarks established?

Based on years of profound knowledge of the international market, GlobalMarket analyzed the feedback from a survey on international sourcing criteria among 20,000 overseas professional buyers. The results indicated the general requirements in sourcing and helped to establish the existing 8 benchmarks.

Who carries out the auditing? It is reliable?

The auditing is not processed by GlobalMarket but the third party TÜV Rheinland, a leading provider of technical services worldwide, conducting strict on-site audits for Chinese manufacturers. Only qualified Chinese manufacturers are able to receive the GMC certificate.

What is the key difference between GMC suppliers and other suppliers?

GMC auditing takes Genuine Manufacturer as the very basic benchmark. Business license, banking relationship and factories are checked strictly. Neither traders nor brokers can be GMC suppliers.

How does GMC Audit Report show the production capacity?

Apart from the general information, GMC Audit report has unique checking points including finance condition, production line data, equipments, payment, export contacts and so on, providing buyers with a more comprehensive view of the production capacity.

How does GMC audit the suppliers' foreign trade capacity?

TÜV censers interview the staff in Export Team during GMC auditing. And GMC Audit report also shows the key clients and complaint handling ability of the factory, which can be the proof of strong capacity in foreign trade.

What does GMC auditing concern most?

GMC evaluates the hard and soft strength of manufacturers as well as enterprise reputations, responsibility in society & environment, taking business ethics as a great concern.

What's the role of GMC in helping manufacturers?

GMC audit report makes final evaluation with gap analysis for manufacturer improvement referral. The auditing also checks company development plans and give opinions. Moreover, GMC CEO Summit serves as a platform of knowledge building and skills sharing for marketing and management.

Why GMC is different compared with other B2B platform?

GMC Audit report

  • Is more systemized when setting the modules
  • Adds many factors that buyers are much concerned about when selecting suppliers
  • Has a stringent classification about grades according to the results of the audit
  • Objectively shows the performance of manufacturers in all aspects
  • Puts forward practical advices for improving in the gap analysis

As an international buyer, what's the benefit of GMC for me?

As a symbol of excellent Made in China products, GMC offers global buyers the best way to reach the most trustworthy manufacturers in China directly, matched with high quality products. At meanwhile, sourcing cost is reduced and efficiency is improved.

How does GMC Audit Report differentiate from other auditing reports?

GMC Audit Report shows the comprehensive exportation capability of manufacturers, which makes GMC Manufacturers the most reliable partner of international buyers. However, other auditing reports have certain focus, for example, product quality, factory environment, product specifications suitable for specific region, etc.

What's the specific action of GMC on-site auditing process?

  • Statement: TÜV censers make pre-statement of auditing
  • Document Inspection: TÜV censers verify complete documentation of applicant according to GMC auditing regulations.
  • Circumstance Patrolling: TÜV censers patrol to check equipments, production lines, laboratory, showroom, warehouse and other working environments.
  • Qualification Testing: TÜV censers interview the staff in Export Team and R&D Department.
  • Group Discussion: TÜV censers make a discussion with applicant summarizing the edges and weakness of factories

Audit Organization

GMC Audit Organization

TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. Founded in 1872 and headquartered in Cologne, the Group employs more than 13,300 people in 490 locations in 61 countries and generates annual revenues of € 1.1 billion. The Group's mission and guiding principle is to achieve sustained development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges arising from the interaction between man, technology and the environment.

TÜV Rheinland has been a member of the Global Compact of the UN since 2006 and operates with a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical values.