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Shanghai International Hardware Fair

Shanghai International Hardware Fair

Date: Oct 22, 2017 - Oct 24, 2017

Venue: 上海市诸光路1888号

Place: Shanghai, China



Construction hardware, fasteners:
Decorative hardware, furniture hardware, doors and windows hardware, fasteners, wire nail network, pipe fittings, fasteners manufacturing equipment, building materials and accessories
Locks, security products and accessories:
Mechanical lock, electronic, intelligent lock, safety box (cabinet), vehicle traffic lock, safety protection product, lock fitting (attached) parts and related technical equipment, door and door products and related mechanical equipment
Bathroom products:
Water tap, sanitary ware, bath room, household boiler, central water heater, solar water heater, household water purification, heating and heat exchanging equipment, water pump, valve and ventilation equipment
Utility class:
Hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, steam tools, gardening tools, abrasives, etc.

Show Overview

The International Hardware Fair (CIHS) was founded in 2001. Over the past decade, CIHS has developed rapidly into the world's second largest hardware exhibition in line with the market and service industries. It has been hailed as "the barometer of the hardware market" and "the vane of the development of the industry"".

"Asia Pacific first exhibition" gathered industry elite

CIHS in recent years has been stable in more than 100000 square meters (excluding China International Kitchen, bathroom Expo) exhibition scale, is recognized as the world's second and Asia Pacific's largest hardware professional exhibition. CIHS' 16 will expand to nearly 160000 square meters, reaching a record high, and the proportion of manufacturers in exhibitors is still the highest among the similar exhibitions in china. The number of new domestic exhibitors will mainly come from the new forces of domestic hardware manufacturing".

Help Chinese enterprises "go out", walk in, walk up"

CIHS' 17 will continue to assist China hardware enterprises to "go out, go in, go to" promote China high-quality hardware products and brand to go abroad, into the consumer's home, promote the product quality and quality improvement, and ultimately achieve industrial upgrading. CIHS "17" will continue to adhere to the domestic and international markets simultaneously, "two legs" balanced development. The exhibition and promote the overall development, the introduction of new channels and means of the audience, the audience is expected to number more than 20% of the growth, overseas viewers will also increase more than 10%, while maintaining the traditional European market channel advantage at the same time, the emerging market audience will become a major growth point; the exhibition will increase domestic market two or three line city development efforts. China is expected to base metal products distributors, agents will have a breakthrough growth the number of visitors.

Segments, specialized operations, the main push innovation

2017 China construction hardware, fasteners exhibition and China International locks, security door products exhibition two major topics, the total number of exhibitors is expected to exceed 1000, accounting for 30% of the total number of CIHS 16 exhibitors. Focus on innovation, "BOC Hardware world", "golden hook Award" bathroom hardware (faucet, shower) and creative design contest "Chinese kitchen design innovation contest" three innovative activities "fastener products procurement fair" and "national lock dealer meeting and other products" and "marketing activities, cutting and grinding cast application technology forum" and other activities will continue to organize technical seminars.

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