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China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON

China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON

Date: Nov 16, 2012 - Nov 21, 2012

Place: Shenzhen, China




半导体/IC设计 无源器件 连接元器件

微控制器MCU 分立元器件 开关、继电器


手机关键元器件 中小尺寸显示



线路板 电子组装与制造设备



Show Overview

CHTF 2012 will highlight related achievements of China in economic and scientific&technological development, as well as the accomplishments of scientific and technological innovation obtained in major fields, key sections and improvement of the people's livelihood, etc. Since the implementation of the 12th five-year planning; the achievements and technical trend of the healthy development of strategic emerging industries; the achievements and development trend of agricultural scientific and technological innovation; and the services and supports for small-and micro-sized enterprises of scientific and technological entrepreneurship type. Bu means of further raising the internationalization, professionalization and authority of CHTF, and further exerting the functions of CHTF in terms of boosting Independent innovation, the development of strategic emerging industries and the upgrading Z& reconstruction of traditional industries, the improvement of the people's livelihood, energy conservation and emission reduction, CHTF 21012 will promote the integration of science&technology and economy, the fusion of science&technology and industry, and the international scientific&technological communication and cooperation.

  The exhibition covers and overall area of more than 100,000 square meters, it is divided into 6 sectors: commercialization of technological innovations, specialized show, forums, supper-SUPER special events, hi-tech human and intellectual resource exchange, and the year-round fair.

  China hi-tech fair 2012 schedule

  November 16: the opening ceremony

  November 16-21: exhibits and trades

  November 16-19: China hi-tech forum, super-SUPER special events

  November 21: the closing ceremony

Featured Exhibitors

Luen Shing Electrical Wire FTY

Hall: 2

Booth: H13

Contact Person: Tony Leung

Telephone: 18688618719


USB Mini cell phone cable USB Mini cell phone cable
FFC Flat Cable with Competitive Price FFC Flat Cable with Competitive Price

Featured Products

5 ton wheel loader,front loader,Weichai Steyr  engine 5 ton wheel loader,front loader,Weichai Steyr engine
Outdoor Folding Chair(XYC-304) Outdoor Folding Chair(XYC-304)
T8 LED Tube 600mm_Patented Type T8 LED Tube 600mm_Patented Type
paper storage box paper storage box
Light Steel Structure Warehouse Light Steel Structure Warehouse