GMC Shines at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

2011-08-01 By Enoch.lee
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From June 9th to 12th, GMC attended the 16th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in Guangzhou Convention Center displaying innovative products of GMC manufacturers.The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is one of the biggest and most comprehensive lighting fairs in China. It is featured with its great variety and innovation of the products and considered as the wind vane of the lighting industry. Therefore, the 16th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition attracted the attention of top lighting manufacturers and buyers all over the world.

GMC On The Spot

In the lighting show, GMC booth was very eye-catching with its unique double-layer design, professional promotion staffs, buzzing and bustling sourcing salon, and elaborated promotion activities.

GMC International Sourcing Salon

GlobalMarket successfully held 207 sourcing meetings for buyers from different markets including North America, Europe, Middle-East, Australia and so on, satisfying the demands of GMC manufacturers.

GlobalMarket invited 28 professional overseas buyers like Solid Advance, SavWatt USA Inc, TMT Corporation and 139 high-quality lighting manufacturers from all over China to attend this salon, which was considered as an effective stage for both sides to communicate and seek for more opportunities.

GMC Buyer Release Conference

In the release conference, international buyers shared valuable information about the overseas markets, which helped the domestic manufacturers to have a better understanding of the cooperation requirements and development tendency of some important regions like Middle-East, North America, Japan, Taiwan and West Europe. It drew great attention from audiences.

GMC Product Release Conference

Many GMC manufacturers displayed their latest products which may lead the trend in the future. Specially, Guangzhou Guangwei Electronics and Technology Limited hired twelve charming models to show their products.

Buyer evaluation

Canadian Buyer Core-Max
 Core-Max is a professional purchase company based in Canada and has two offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Core-Max buyer pointed out that LED is becoming the dominant trend in the lighting sector. Besides, he believed that as a professional buyer he had to take the following factors into consideration when purchasing in China: qualities, certificates, export capability, OTD, overall power, social reputation. He placed the price factor in the end of the list. Above all, he gave great recognition to the international sourcing salon because he held that salon could match the buyers and manufacturers effectively and efficiently. He remarked: I will go GMC first; it is the logical thing to do!

Auckland Buyer ISKRA
ISRA is a large lighting products distributor in Auckland. Through this sourcing salon, ISKRA met ten GMC manufacturers and spoke highly of the service offered by GlobalMarket. ISKRA attached importance to GMC and sourcing salon and wanted to have more cooperation with GlobalMarket in the upcoming purchasing projects.

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