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Shenzhen Xintaiyang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Hot Categories Power Bank[1227] ,Lithium Battery[500] ,Mobile Phone Charger[314] Brand Name XTY Total Staff 101 - 500 People Certification W07303034816D~1 SDS0004, W07303034816D~1 SDS0006, W08303020621D~1 0001, W07303034816D~1 SDS0010, W07303034816D~1 SDS0008, W07303034816D~1 SDS0002, W08303020621D~1 0002, W08303020711D 0001, W07303034816D~1 SDS0009, W08303020711D 0006, W08303020621D~1 0003, W08303020711D 0000, W07303034816D~1 SDS0005, W08303020621D~1 0009, W08303020621D~1 0011, W07303034816D~1 SDS0007, W08303020711D 0004, W07303034816D~1 SDS0001, W08303020711D 0003, W08303020621D~1 0005, W07303034816D~1 SDS0000, W08303020621D~1 0004, W08303020621D~1 0000, W08303020621D~1 0007, W08303020711D 0007, W08303020621D~1 0006, W08303020621D~1 0010, W08303020711D 0002, W08303020621D~1 0008, W08303020711D 0005, W07303034816D~1 SDS0003, GMC

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Hot Categories AC/DC Adapter[603] ,Switching Power Supplies[74] ,Power Bank[8] Total Staff 101 - 500 People Certification CB test report, 3C certificate, UL certificate, FCC certificate, GS certificate, CE certificate, KC certificate, Quasi-GMC, Quasi-GMC

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