The GMC Brand

GMC auditing takes Genuine Manufacturer as the very basic benchmark.

  • GMC is shorted for Global Manufacturer Certificate
  • It’s to identify and promote Chinese manufacturers that meet certain high quality standards called 8 GMC Benchmarks desired by global buyers
  • The auditing is conducted by the third party TÜV Rheinland, a leading provider of technical services worldwide
  • Only qualified Chinese manufacturers are able to receive the GMC certificate

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  • Jack Welch

    Jack Welch

    --The World's Legendary CEO


    I love their idea (GMC). Their idea is to certify manufacturers with quality, the unique idea, quality, environmental, employees, compliance all these things. I like the people in GlobalMarket. I think it’s a great opportunity for China. I think Chinese brands around the world will make the world closer together. I think this is all good start, the small part I can play in helping GMC be strong. They believe in it. I believe in it and I am here to help them. So that’s what’s all about, that’s why I am here.

  • Phillip Kotler

    Phillip Kotler

    --The Father of Marketing Management


    In the early days MADE IN CHINA meant less expensive goods, maybe low quality. GMC wants to change that impression so that MADE IN CHINA is the same as saying MADE IN GERMANY…I am so impressed with the work GlobalMarket is doing to improve the image of Chinese goods and services. And I am just delighted to be here and I wish them all the success in the world.

  • Simon Quan

    Simon Quan

    --EX-president of Home Depot,Greater China


    To the buyers, a qualification like GMC is very important. There are like tens thousands of factories in China. How to distinguish the genuine qualified factories from the others? Buyer will need to spend a lot of time in screening and selecting suppliers if there were no GMC qualification as our reference. But with GMC it’s much more convenient for us as buyers. I’m more confident to do business with those manufacturers with GMC certificate.

  • Jack Welch

    Jilie Lu

    --Vice President of Galanz Group


    GMC has converted the international trading situation from “fighting alone” to “marching as an alliance”... In the process of industrial upgrade and conversion, we need a unified image. Via GMC we managed to do that, delivering the essence of MADE IN CHINA or even the essence of Chinese brands. GMC is crucial throughout the process.


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