Future World Foundation

Future World Foundation was founded and managed by Global- Market Group. It focuses on funding projects on education and research on life sciences and universe. Donated by share-holders, this foundation has become the sole biggest share- holder with share of 27%.

As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, showing concern to our society is a kind of corporate culture that GlobalMarket promotes all the time.

By founding this foundation, we aim to offer more opportunities for school-age children to study, so that they can help create more wealth and value for our world in the future. Above all, we want to help others to fulfill their dreams and let love keep moving for one should always be grateful and contribute to our society.


Since its inception, we constantly devote ourselves to the activities of supporting the needy. Compared with helping and visiting families in rural areas before, we are becoming more and more focused. So far, we differ from others by financing the students who have finished the nine-year compulsory education, Pass Love Project on Education, as it is called.


With the rapid development of technology, life sciences has infiltrate into every field, including environment, energy, agriculture, food, medical and health care, even safety and so on. The research on life sciences and universe has a long way to go. Therefore, we financed this club, wishing we can do something for the development of life sciences and our universe.

We strongly believe that where there is love, there is hope and future.